It is back! That annoying long version of SWAT MOSQUITOES and MAYBE A DEMOCRAT ATE YOUR BABY? I’m not sure why it was MIA/AWOL but I re-posted this morning never-the-less. Yes indeed, who knows? Maybe this LAME is correct and the 2020 election WILL ACTUALLY BECOME OUR COUNTRY’S SECOND INDEPENDENCE DAY from the radical Socialist Left Democrats who have been attempting to destroy/reconfigure our UNITED STATES of AMERICA with their childish sore loser nonsense. Please consider all the time, money and resources the LEFT has spent on their sham of an impeachment that doesn’t even conform to the requirements set forth in the US CONSTITUTION! Absolutely astonishing.

Yup, I truly believe this abuse of power by the SOCIALIST LEFT DEMOCRAT controlled HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES has had a profound and positive effect on US PATRIOTS (regardless of what particular political party) who are sick and tired of such abuses of power and authority by ANTI AMERICAN activists merely seeking to further conceal and protect their own criminal activities.

They don’t give a rat’s ass for the difficulties caused to legal taxpaying citizens.

Take a hard look at former VP BIDEN & his wayward son. Quid Pro Quo was defined quite simply in that JOE BIDEN video where he explained how he made a criminal prosecutor in Ukraine disappear to protect that Burisma money machine for his son. (I believe evidence will also eventually prove good ‘ol Joe also benefited financially! (Not so sleepy for a “sleepy Joe” crook yeah?) Don’t you find it strange the Democrats seem to continually overlook that example of global corruption orchestrated from within their own party by a former VICE PRESIDENT? (Perhaps “VICE” means something else in Democrat circles? lol) They are simply lying, cheating, hypocrites that should be no where near the legitimate power and authority of our country! They are irresponsible and dishonest.

These traitors to America have provided a clarifying glimpse of the perverted American society they advocate and wish to force on the rest of us: a country where anonymous (any mouse) politically motivated complainants can attempt to destroy someone’s life with false information in a biased secret court without the victim having the right to challenge their accuser – much less the many corrupt government officials and agencies that made the nightmare even possible! Unbelievable. Remove them all! Later, Lew