D August 21st, 2017 LDPCSD Monthly Board Meeting




Nope, not an eye of any kind of animal (including visiting space aliens) – though it sure looks like an eye (that’s why I referenced it by writing “let’s take a look…..”)  Funny how something so very different can resemble something else – like a creepy eye.  Humm, not sure if I’m going to explain this image experiment right now or not.  I’m rather tired.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Let’s get this portion of the meeting put to bed first, then me, then tomorrow we’ll see.  See?  Sure looks like an eye huh?


Yup.  Part D, …… as in duplicitous.

Still playing with the editing software with an occasional lock-up of the computer…but I am learning stuff.   Often I almost catch myself before pressing a key or mouse button which triggers the BOO BOO ……NO NO NO!  ….. not now! –  too late – that little spinning blue icon tells me it is working it’s little heart out for me ….. but to no avail as I’ve unintentionally initiated something to the equivalent of a “loop command” or something.  Round and round we go, when it will stop nobody knows.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) just keeps clunking away, fan running at high speed, with no movement on the monitor screen except for the *&^%$#@ spinning blue icon!  I usually don’t wait for the entire attempted “untangle” because inevitably I’ll be advised the program had stopped responding.  Oh really?  No fooling?   Just stopped huh?   So I just close the program and start back up fairly confident I saved just before the WRONG KEYSTROKE/BUTTON PUSH LOCKUP.   (Will reboot if the system seemed sluggish due to lack of memory or something that is usually helpful.)

Anyway, onward with the meeting….. so frustrating and sad. I actually feel some compassion for these folks at times but then think about how much more difficult they have made everything because of their concerted effort to deceive everyone as to the scheme. Guess once you start down such a road it is difficult to turn back.  Most have a conscience to help prevent such horrid situations from developing in the first place. That annoying little voice that says things like, “this is wrong….and you know it or you wouldn’t be concealing the activity or denying involvement”.    But again, once started down that road……. so very sad – all the way around.

Rather like wishing you could take back a keystroke prior to a crash – if you knew the stroke was morally or ethically wrong.


My best to you and yours, Lew

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