Although cognizant I am lowering myself by responding to the outrageous disinformation posted by Cal and Julie Limbocker (who apparently do not have much credibility in this area anyway), it is just too irresistible in illustrating exactly what sort of people they are and how (in my opinion) they were the primary players in forcing the resignation of our previous IGM with falsehoods.


[I also believe someone like Paul Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933-1945, would have been proud of the LIMBOCKER’s  attempt to sway those ignorant of the truth with BIG LIES TOLD OFTEN.    Did you know one of Goebbels first acts was the burning of books and totalitarian control over the media, arts, and information in Germany and like Hitler, Goebbels along with his wife killed their six young children and then committed suicide in order to escape justice?]


Heck if the LIMBOCKERS are going to all this trouble of teeing a ball up in an attempt to distort the truth again, I will simply hit another homerun illustrating their consistent lack of integrity and/or unfortunate reading comprehension deficiencies.   Truly, Julie Limbocker should be a “poster adult” for the educational failure in America because she obviously cannot understand the meaning of basic written English.  (And there would be nothing wrong with that except for the fact she spreads disinformation in public forums while attempting to influence those without the facts.)


Naturally the SO-GOSIP [Same Old Group Of Special Interest People] will characterize my pointing out the Limbocker’s reprehensible activities as “slamming” or “blasting” them.   When did clarifying the truth with written evidence become a bad thing?    The Limbockers support Emery Ross and Mark Skoien to be re-elected and will use whatever unsavory, illegal, or immoral techniques available to them.  That is interesting considering some of the “whoppers” Emery Ross and Mark Skoien have told.


The Limbockers have completely distorted a blog I wrote in July regarding the value and bravery in protesting illegal and immoral behavior of governments and even incorporated the song by STING- “Gueca Solo” or “They Dance Alone” as an example of the atrocities committed in Chile under the Pinochet regime.  (No, Julie, Chile is a country in this case, not something you crumble crackers over – lol)  I’ll provide the link because the music and lyrics are quite powerful.

Anyway, the Limbockers quoted a question in my blog, inserted “their nonsense filler”, then substituted a different sentence of mine from another part of the paragraph as my  alleged answer.   (Pretty sneaky there – shame, shame, shame) The Limbockers cheat and lie and see nothing wrong with such behavior, pure and simple.  What is more, that blog posting regarded a restrictive government attacking those who blog – not those who read and complain about the truth.   Good Heavens!  No wonder Julie was so upset about the video on youtube, she simply could not comprehend the intended meaning.  (This honestly makes me wonder if I am inappropriately arguing with a person of diminished mental capacity, if so, I do truly apologize.  That has never been my intent and I was unaware of the disability – if it exists.)

Without further ado, here’s the most recent contribution from the CAL & JULIE LIMBOCKER SHOW:


In response to Mr. Richardsons comments and accusations. First I would like to say something positive about Mr. Richardson… He appears to really love Hawks….and I dont know if that extends out to other animals or living things but, as an animal lover, I do admire that in a person. I hope I am not wrong but, if not, that is an admirable quality. However, I (we) are wondering why you are you so hostile about things in relation to your own community and fellow citizens…aka people.  Why is it that we cannot speak at the Board meeting without undue criticism, negative blogging and about issues unrelated to the community???  I mean, does anyone really care about our wedding date, R.E. licensing…whether someone is active or inactive (LFRO status)?  Does anyone really care about the an old corporation?  Does anyone really care about any of that stuff?  Lew, you have given many people a lot of power in your comments.  Why do do you just not understand that you hold a public position?…one that exposes you to political comments? …and one that is held to a higher standard in relation to the public?  However, as a citizen, we are your customers….and should respected as people who have a “voice” in this community.  Why does that intimidate you so much?

Also, what is meant by your comment in relation to your question as follows?  You stated, What can possibly be done to help those who claim to be injured by information posted on to which they voluntarily access?  Since I am not an attorney, I will not respond in a legal sense.  However, I would like to address your statement in response to that question, in your last comment, you said, “PERHAPS KILL THEM ALL AND TRUST HISTORY TO DECIDE WHICH SIDE WAS VALID AND BASED ON TRUTH” We all know there are many incidents that happen in our society where we wish we had taken comments more seriously or had hindsight……Hmmm….that sounds pretty violent to me…

And, regarding a few other blogs …..very very questionable.  I wont attempt to explain my reason for reading them….but I will summarize it as my right in my ability to protect myself. In my opinion, you are a scary person…who has a potential for being dangerous.  That concerns me.  However, I will hold my comments on that issue for now….

FYI for anyone reading this….the comment I am referring to was taken directly  from Mr. Richardsons Blog in response to his comments about people who complain about the blog…where HE also makes  the following comment and question, “why not enforce necessary laws that haven’t been passed yet and JUST DISPATCH ANY RESISTANCE WITH A SPECIAL WEAPONS ASSAULT TEAM”……In the same paragraph.


SO the LIMBOCKER’s “chopped up, reorganized, and distorted” the original material I posted and now want their unsuspecting readers to believe I wrote:

“What can possibly be done to help those who claim to be injured by information posted on LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG to which they themselves voluntarily access? Perhaps kill them all and trust history to decide which side was valid and based on truth.”

THE LIMBOCKERS ARE VERY NASTY AND DECEITFUL PEOPLE and after hearing on August 20th at the Board Meeting how Mr. Limbocker publically admitted to intentionally manipulating his granddaughter and making her “feel guilty as hell”, well , although I feel very sorry for that young woman I personally am suspect of ANYTHING that “intentionally guilt ridden juvenile” might state when so obviously prodded by such grandparents.

Below is a portion of the blog posting “THEY DANCE ALONE” where Cal & Julie LIMBOCKER decided to misrepresent the truth using sentences from the blue font paragraph.




How much less informed and “questioning of authority” would this country be if such shows as “Laugh-In”, “Saturday Night Live”, and The Smother Brothers were never presented for public exposure? If musicians like Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Sting, Weird Al Yankovic, to name only a few, were censored and not allowed to perform their perspectives? What about comedians like Lenny Bruce or George Carlin? The list is unimaginable and as always, the audiences vary due to individual likes and dislikes.

LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG is nothing in comparison to such historically important influences on our society and resulting ways of thinking but is grounded in the same principles: public expression of personal opinions, perspectives, beliefs and causes. Some will get it, others won’t.

QUESTION: What can possibly be done to help those who claim to be injured by information posted on LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG to which they themselves voluntarily access? If they have no self-control maybe imposition of severe fines and penalties against the offending blogger might work? Better yet, why not enforce necessary laws that haven’t been passed yet and just dispatch any resistance with a special weapons assault team? (This is really not so funny when you consider that is exactly how matters like this are often handled in some other countries.) The problem may appear to be immediately solved, but it is only a temporary solution until the next person begins asking questions and “Speaking their mind” to others. Perhaps kill them all and trust history to decide which side was valid and based on truth?


Notice the “severe fines and penalties”, “enforcing laws not passed”, and “special weapons assault team” actually targets the “offending blogger”, not the readers of material that I post.  Come on Julie, wake up!  You have repeatedly complained about my blogging, therefore: I am the “offending blogger”.  Can’t you grasp that I was referring to myself and others who stand up and speak truth against dishonest people like you?  John Turner was absolutely correct when he pointed out you are a very judgmental person who doesn’t take the time to research and understand that which you continually and incorrectly complain.  If anyone “flies off the handle” it is Julie Limbocker and company.

You know, Calvin and Julie LIMBOCKER have been wrong many times and on so many levels I must seriously question the character of ANYONE who would believe or support their continuing nonsense.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: TO Cal & Julie Limbocker…..enroll in some adult reading comprehension classes, or, in the alternative, stop lying in an attempt to make people think you know who is best qualified in representing the water interests of this community.  You talk but don’t know squat.


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