Still trying to figure out the best way to do this stuff – thanks for your patience.

Guess I will start posting new videos here, but for some reason sometimes it doesn’t work out too well on my tablet (video format or particular capabilities/configuration of the tablet?)  Whatever!  Let’s try planting them here for awhile.  One thing I really like about this YOUTUBE procedure is that the finished product displays a frame of the video with the title that clearly identifies what it is— a video, whereas the common link (like the “Bat Rescue” below) can sometimes be overlooked for its intended purpose when I consistently use different color fonts for emphasis.  Bad habit I guess.




YOUTUBE INTRO/Fortunately designers of the LAKE DON PEDRO subdivision included a number of natural parks scattered throughout the development consisting of creeks and ponds for precipitation runoff, (some fishing), corridors for indigenous wildlife to move about, and of course, spacious open areas as buffers against the future inevitable “build out”. Connected with Pedestrian & Equestrian trails these are nice places to “escape” every once and a while and reaffirm, with appreciation, one of the reasons we live in these beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills.

So anyway, here is another learning experience with the video software.


“Gingling” dog tags?  What the hell is gingling?  Obviously I meant the “jingling” normally associated with dog tags on a collar but with all the upload and download time involved I think it will remain gingling for now.  So, quick critique …

  • Tape dog tags next time
  • Bring tripod to reduce camera shaking and permit smoother tracking
  • Spell check a little better next time before uploading!


OUTHOUSE BAT RESCUE (they really do a great job)


Yup, they are all around here……no, not copies of our official water service boundary map, but burrow homes to the many indigenous residents who assist in keeping the area semi-insect free. You know, they are actually timid little creatures – just got a bad rap from all those 1950 radioactive mutant SCI FI movies. I remember years ago while camping and watching one of those thrilling BORG episodes on Star Trek one night with a portable generator – pitch black except for the glow of the television screen and campfire. Just as the plot was thickening I peripherally observed one by fire light slowly crawling up my pant leg …. surprisingly it didn’t bother me at all as I was far more fearful of the BORG presence on the screen! lol  Ahhh, memories.

Yet another dry well searching for that “ALTERNATE SOURCE OF WATER”


to deliver water outside the PLACE OF USE under water license 11395 under

which the LAKE DON PEDRO CSD has always pumped water from Lake Mc Clure.

And another dry well (below) at the LDPOA “Alfier Park”.  I believe there

were 13-15 dry wells ultimately drilled looking for an “ALTERNATE SOURCE”.

FRIDAY July, 13 2012 Quick update-

The immature Hawks are beautiful. They are often observed flying together, gliding and swooping at the earth. They are becoming much more proficient with the flight maneuvers and hunting skills. Unfortunately, it would appear as though they come up empty every once in a while and the intended meal of lizard, mouse or gopher gets away. Score one for the reptiles and rodents.

A couple of times I have heard that unmistakable cry for assistance from one of the young Hawks. [One does not have to be of the same species to recognize the concern and panic in the vocalizations. Heck, even my dog acknowledges such cries. A couple of years ago Zack (the Mitred Conure) let out such a cry and the dog went nuts barking and trying to get outside. So we check it out, and sure enough, there was a good sized Rattlesnake in the aviary.]

ANYWAY, the immature Hawks let out two to four quick cries, repeated regularly with a minute or two in between. You can immediately tell the sounds are coming from a stationary position differing from those that slide across the horizon in earshot. Suddenly the cries stop when an adult appears delivering the food. Presto! After a couple of gulps – on with the living the life of a maturing Hawk.


This is so cool. I’ll be down there checking on the watering station without a Hawk in sight, but whistle a couple of times? Here they come! More often than not the two of them together, but sometimes they respond from different directions. They circle above crying out there calls, and then almost motionless, hang in the air with their heads cocked to the side watching.


Probably about five times now one of the immatures, recognizing the pattern I guess, will parallel me driving home (around the corner). Just to the west about 200 feet away this Hawk shadows me home and when I get out of the truck in the driveway it starts calling. Obviously it is now the Hawk’s turn at observation of where this other animal stays when not peering into his life since late April. LOL One of them has even flown between the house and an outbuilding a few times….gliding by and looking at the open arches and windows. So cool.


Looking downhill about a week ago I noticed one of the immature Hawks slowly circling the site where most of the observations of the nest were performed. It was slowly circling then suddenly, swooped down and landed on the wooden crossbar of the hammock and started swinging. I KID YOU NOT! Unbelievable, here’s this young raptor holding on and swinging on the hammock. Following about 45 seconds of that it took off for another adventure somewhere else.

Well I’m going to get outside….hope you all have a great weekend,

My best to you and yours, Lew

Thought this might be a better way to document the development of a neighborhood family of Red Tail Hawks.   I will post the most recent material at the top of the list.   Mr. & Mrs. Hawk nest sitting.

June 2nd, 2012 Hawk Movie:

May 30, 2012 Hawk Movie:

May 26, 2012 Hawk Movie: 
May 22nd, 2012 Hawk Movie:

May 6th, 2012 Hawk Movie:

May 4th, 2012 Hawk Movie:

May 1st, 2012 Hawk Movie: 

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