07 APRIL 16 2018 LAKE DON PEDRO CSD Monthly Board Meeting

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Dang it!  The video title is wrong…..it is supposed to be 07  not 06!  Oh well.  Later

My best to you and yours, Lew

Yes indeed, I do look riveted (above) as Kampa explains something with his hands again.   Maybe he’s demonstrating how he dove into water?   Perhaps into the pool at a pricey hotel in Monterey to rescue his cell phone after throwing it in due to all the CONSTANT EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS and COORDINATING required that ruined his family vacation because of LDPCSD infrastructure damage and service interruptions caused by the Thursday March 22, 2018 atmospheric river and resulting flooding?  Or perhaps, he is imitating how he flies through the sky as an OUTSIDE POU SUPER HERO with the letters “OPOU” on the front of his sporty tailored flying outfit, yeah?  Maybe a bright red cape and face mask to boot?


Yeah….. a sleek black mask  like the above speeding

Ceder Waxwing stealing Pyracantha berries ?  lol

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