When responding to one of Mrs. Limbocker’s nasty comments under my youtube video about the accidental exposure (while putting up camera equipment) of my index finger crease – that happened to look like a “human butt”, I stated to her:

“We may be on “opposite sides” of this “water fence” since you and your husband are in the real estate business.”

Mrs. Limbocker responded:

“That was the last time I will respond…you cannot reason with an unreasonable person…… However, I will be monitoring and documenting. By the way…we are not both in real estate. Just FYI” jlimbocker

Mrs. Limbocker states she and her husband are not both in the real estate business which may be technically factual if one of them is no longer actively working.   Department of Real Estate records however lists both Mr. and Mrs. Limbocker as real estate agents employed by real estate broker Premier Valley LFRO Inc, in Oakdale, California.    [Public records indicate Julia May Burgess and Calvin Douglas Limbocker were married in Los Gatos, CA on August 4, 1979.]

Real Estate License 01278455 issued to Calvin Douglas Limbocker (salesperson license issued 12/18/06) expires 12/14/14, and

Real Estate License 01274096 issued to Julie M Limbocker (salesperson license issued 2/5/00) expires 2/4/16.

Those interested can confirm this information with the California Department of Real Estate online license check:


I apologize for any confusion.

My best to you and yours, Lew







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