[b] July 17th, 2017 LDPCSD Monthly Board Meeting

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b July 17 2017 Monthly Board Meeting-

Transparency Award?

Oh please. Only another attempt at concealing what KAMPA & KOMPANY have been quietly doing since Oct 2014, which is – deceiving the MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS  <MR WECs>  of the LDP Subdivision while expanding a GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM for land developers outside the legal Place of Use for MERCED RIVER WATER. Those who receive a special benefit should pay for that special benefit – not the innocent property owners of the residential subdivision.

Pete Kampa apparently incorrectly documented the name of that California Special Districts Association (CSDA) representative who  presented the TRANSPARENCY AWARD during the July 17th, 2017 LDPCSD Board meeting.  Having had limited experience with umlauts in a German language class I took many years ago, I decided to check why the name sounded so much different than had been reported in Pete Kampa’s written GM report.  Sure enough, Pete left out the umlaut over the “e” in Wadle’.  (Sounds like Whadley with the umlaut.)  I was able to confirm this by looking Mr. Wadle’ up on the CSDA website — the below links are OK, but be careful, one of the other sites identified on a CSDA search is marked as “hacked”.





My best to you and yours, Lew

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