Not saying a thank you from the Lake Don Pedro CSD was necessarily required or appropriate, but it would have been a nice gesture to at least acknowledge a customer’s pointing out an apparent error.

example: Got it, thanks – with all the work around here sometimes a typo slips through.

However, failing to at least acknowledge the submitted question might cause one to consider the possibility it wasn’t really a mistake for one reason or another?

But what about the subsequent new typo errors? Sure looks like a quick retype of the GM’s contract to correct the MERCED SUPERIOR COURT VENUE with the more appropriate MARIPOSA SUPERIOR COURT but actually resulted in several other mistakes.

But there’s something I believe more important: what do these new mistakes inadvertently actually point out? (Other than it has the earmarks of a traditional KAMPAGANDA deception – quickly put together “under the radar” for some emergency purpose to avoid public viewing and understanding – yet in the rush to get the work done the resulting mistakes reveal the deception.)

So what else is important besides the suggestion it was slapped together quickly without serious regard for quality?

Well, at least to me, clear evidence that the CSDA (California Special District Association) involvement with every aspect of our district management and operation is going to continue regardless of the past unethical assistance provided in violating state water law. Heck, it’s written into our new GM’s contract.

I’m all for continuing education in any field, but just like the national news media outrageous betrayal to citizens with all their FAKE NEWS AGAINST THE COMMON SENSE PROPOSED BY TRUMP —- where will our staff/employees be receiving all this continuing education in how to manage and operate a special district?

But to whose benefit?

The customer


the CSDA?

Lake Don Pedro CSD just concluded five years experience with the professional experience and integrity of a 20 year CSDA director. (One who conspired with other CSDA members and affiliates to violate state water right restrictions in WL11395 to provide special benefit water service to LAFCO annexations Kampa set up 20 years ago.)

And our new GM will be trained and instructed by such CSDA leaders and their organization?

Lord help us all.


JUNE 1st, 2019 email from Lew to the Syndie @ the LDPCSD:

ON page 4 of the May 22, 2019 LDPCSD Special Meeting agenda under Section 6, General Provisions, the second sentence states:

“Venue of any action shall be in the Superior court for the County of Merced or the US District Court for the eastern District of California, Fresno Division.”

Just curious, since the contract is to be followed in Mariposa/Tuolumne counties and the employing agency is in Mariposa County, why was the Merced Superior Court selected as the venue for any potential litigation regarding the employment contract?   Thank you, Lew

June 7, 2019 LDPCSD to Lew,

Your email question has been received and  is being reviewed and processed.


Syndie Marchesiello

No other information was provided from office then I see the VENUE CHANGE IN THE JUNE 17, 2019 agenda packet…….

I see everything differently now I have experienced the KAMPAGANDA CSDA et al EFFECT. This sure looks like some kind of LEFTIST DOMINATION of management and operation of special district services provided here in California to customers who essentially have no adequate, much less ethical, representation in the legal functioning of their own community service district. District gerrymandering and massive suspicious annexations violating LAFCOs own policies and regulations while saddling thousands of innocent MR WECS (Merced River Water Entitled Customers) of the LDPOA subdivision with picking up the ever increasing extra costs for special benefit water services?

Pete Kampa certainly left his CSDA MARK at the LDPCSD and I suspect a host of extremely expensive CSDA suggestions, encouragements, and furnished policies will follow.

Folks this isn’t just about our water service, it is about our entire country in general and how the radical left intentionally creates chaos while proposing solutions and claiming only they are capable of successfully correcting the problems they quietly create— all to gain and maintain support and power. Just a huge cycle of deception to maintain control with the ever increasing costs simply passed to the victim customers who have no powerful advocates with whom to represent their wrongful exploitation.

Heck, the counties were intimately involved with setting this outside Place of Use scam up in the first place with full knowledge of the state water license restrictions – but what community suffered for over 40 years due to politicians and government employees pursuing private goals rather than following public law? Would counties, especially when State Authority is exercised through local commissions such as LAFCO, intentionally violate existing state and federal law without some sort of powerful/influential “under the table”, “wink and nod”, “green light” from higher authorities in the state and US government?




All planned, initiated, and continued with the public’s money and resources.

Same type of scam Kampa & Kompany was practicing here in Lake Don Pedro for a quarter century.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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