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Was Kampa’s past reported employment history as Manager and General Manager at Delft University in the Netherlands truly factual?

If so, why later remove the information?  Such experience at a major university is a good thing, yeah?

And why wasn’t his four years of PRIOR EMPLOYMENT WITH THE LAKE DON PEDRO CSD not included in that original employment history?

Was that Delft U employment in chronological order as suggested in the original report?  In other words, did Kampa work here in the States and then later travel to the Netherlands to work at Delft University as a Manager and a GM before returning to the United States and his other local water industry work here in California (Tuolumne Utilities District)?  Or was that stated employment an incidental bonus for Delft attendance as a student?  (ie, Students being rotated through such positions for experience and documented employment history prior to leaving academia for traditional employment?)

Either way, regardless of the chronological timing or how that managerial experience was supposedly acquired for public reporting, why would such employment information be removed from Kampa’s previously posted employment record on the internet if factual?

You know, if Danny Johnson and Emery Ross had required a traditional employment background check prior to PETE KAMPA’s appointment as GM (and given essentially unrestricted access to over 1 million dollars in cash – SERIOUSLY!  Does that FACT PATTERN sound like PUBLIC AGENCY FIDUCIARY DUTY TO YOU?), many of these persisting questions would likely have been answered years ago.    Including the fact, as Wes Barton pointed out in his Public Comment letter, PETE KAMPA is not even certified to run a water treatment facility.  What did Kampa actually manage at Delft U?  The entire university?  Obviously here in the United States right now Pete Kampa is a “remote general manager” who only selects the personnel for the various duties that require certification.


I knew yesterday’s storm was a bad one because in the past almost 30 years of working this land I have never observed that much water falling in such a short period of time.  My 6”- 10” PVC pipe drains choked up quickly with all the natural debris picked up along the water’s path downhill.  Flooding everywhere!   Although I knew there was going to be flood related damage across this foothill region that MyMotherLode news photograph of the roadway damage to Ranchito Drive (x Golfito) here in the subdivision was still quite shocking.

You know, there are enough horrible things that will naturally occur without INTENTIONALLY HIRING A GM who was clearly dedicated to expanding the OUTSIDE POU for Merced River water far beyond the entitled Lake Don Pedro subdivision.  (But of course that was the specific reason Kampa was hired – to obtain the grant funds necessary to construct expensive GROUNDWATER WELLS to supply that ALTERNATE SOURCE of water REQUIRED BY ALL LAFCO ANNEXATIONS INTO THE DISTRICT THAT ARE OUTSIDE THE PLACE OF USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER UNDER WATER LICENSE 11395.  JOHNSON AND ROSS knew exactly what they were getting.)

When I viewed those photos of the extensive flood damage in the area I thought how nice it would be to have a GM/Treasurer from this area that was focused solely on the problems of this area and not dividing his precious/costly time between multiple CSDs.  Other CSDs that in addition to their own local difficulties and challenges, now share the common problem of a “remote GM” looking to exploit what he can through, and for,  his limited liability company, other consultants, and various business associates.


My best to you and yours, Lew

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