Consider this:

On September 4th, 1996 Kampa wrote the following to Tuolumne County Planning…

               “The “Zone of Influence,” in which LDPCSD may serve water, extends outside Merced Irrigation District’s “Place of Use” boundaries; thus groundwater wells have been drilled to supplement the surface water supply and serve our customers outside the aforementioned boundaries.  The District currently operates one groundwater well which produces up to 160 acre feet per year, and is actively considering additional water sources.”

NOW compare to the September 18th, 1996 Board of Director’s instructed “apology letter for misrepresenting” the facts where Kampa wrote:

“At this time, and in the foreseeable future, LDPCSD’s only public service is the provision of water to residents of the subdivision.  There have been no formal requests made by the public to the LDPCSD Board of Directors in regards to additional public services; nor has research been performed on the feasibility of this issue.”


See?  Kampa knows what is proper and correct.  He just doesn’t follow the rules.

Notice also Kampa did not clarify that the 19 groundwater wells developed by Boise Cascade many years earlier (and not the LDPCSD) were all abandoned because of poor water quality (probably due to the arsenic like we have now) and inadequate production.  Gosh, doesn’t that seem a bit deceitful?  How many wells were actually drilled by the LDPCSD?  One, and that water production was required to replace all the illegal connections using MERCED RIVER WATER in violation of the water license!  (For situations like that sitting director using chlorinated water intended for domestic residential consumption in the subdivision to start and run a commercial cattle ranch for over two decades.  Certainly not an authorized purpose under water license 11395.)

However, 17 years later in October of 2014 [when PETE KAMPA was returned to the LDPCSD by those SPECIAL INTEREST directors seeking further expansion] the LDPCSD still only had one groundwater well, Ranchito Drive #1.

Gee, sure seems the only entity “actively considering additional water sources” was Pete Kampa.

And now?  Same Pete Kampa with a few other special interest land developer supporting directors.  Everything else is “behind the scene” representation that you and I will never be privy to –  that’s why Kampa just can’t tell the whole truth.

Also remember that Ranchito Drive #1 operated since 1993 until it failed during KAMPA’s drilling for more water to sell outside the Place of Use, and to this day after tens of thousands of dollars spent on refurbishing, Ranchito Drive #1 is still inoperable supposedly waiting for a water meter.   Sure hope at least the water meter will tell the truth about the water passing through.  This is the same well site Director Jim Sult mentioned was obviously not secure with the fence down.

So, ANYWAY,  what did Kampa do after his “unethical GM appointment” in October 2014?  Immediately start to AGAIN MISREPRESENT the LDPCSD actual water source situation to State and Federal authorities in order to obtain millions in public grants INTENDED FOR EXISTING CUSTOMER BENEFIT and misappropriate those funds for the true purpose of creating his “alternate source of water with which to fuel his GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM (referenced 17 years earlier when starting his infamous water career) so water could flow to his developer acquaintances from 20 years earlier. 



Oh yes, our “Remote GM” certainly cares about the customers our former surface water treatment plant was designed and intended to serve.

You can check out the rest of that KAMPA expansion advocacy letter by selecting the following link:


Read it?  Interesting huh?  Just think, KAMPA’s plan called for the LDPCSD to also take the subdivision’s natural parks.  Wow.   Doesn’t that ring a bell?  When Orb Hatton and Dwight Mueller (acting LDPOA officers) suggested selling those large tracts of open and natural unimproved property to developers for cash?  To heck with the future subdivision and its residents!  Who needs open natural areas in the future?  What a waste of prime real estate for development.  Right? (Such short sighted selfish thinking is not lol at all.)

See and appreciate the common threads of greed and exploitation?

Now remember folks, things like the above do not operate in a vacuum all by themselves, but rather in conjunction with other active exploiters – recall what was to soon follow with the DEERWOOD LAND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION in our subdivision as well?  The many speculative and model homes being constructed in violation of the CC&Rs?

What about a Deerwood Corporation employee (former SIERRA HIGHLANDS WATER COMPANY GM and 1st LDPCSD GM) serving on the LDPCSD Board of Directors at the same time. (A GM/Director who had always strenuously advocated water service beyond the MID Place of Use under WL11395 and did in fact furnish such service – with and without approval from the board of directors.)

What about the golf course refusing to pay that enormous overdue water bill?   An entire LDPOA Board of hard working and sincere directors removed because a land development corporation president did not care for the truth being told about his corporation’s activities in Lake Don Pedro?   The “Cartoon Recall”, remember?  (I sure do!  – lol)

What about a a day’s work by an LDPCSD water crew repairing a water line which was technically the responsibility of the golf course yet it only paid for the $25 repair band?  Who do you think paid for that day’s work, and many, many others?

What about all those developer convenience roads constructed in violation of 12 year old enacted public safety fire codes designed to protect lives and property?  Constructed just to avoid the expense of legal fire safe single/dual driveways?  All just to increase profit margins!    Who gets left with those dangerous roads which will undoubtedly eventually cause serious injury or death when actually used by the public someday?  (When everyone who really knows how they were constructed are long gone.)    Who will pay for that?

Look how the state handled that matter – INSTEAD of having CAL FIRE enforce regulations and demand correction by making the developer conform to law (which they had the power to do under the Resources Code) everyone living in an SRA (State Responsibility Area) now has to pay a yearly FIRE FEE – yet those dangerous substandard roads still exist.

Remember all that erosion on Alamo Drive that destroyed part of a County maintained road and completely plugged a public easement drainage ditch?  Yet ALL RECORDS OF THAT TAX PAYER CLEAN UP AND ROAD REPAIR WERE UNAVAILABLE?   Who paid for that?  And who pays for that continuing erosion because a hillside’s natural runoff being redirected without proper engineering and county/state permitting approvals?  Who orchestrated that and who ultimately pays for the resulting damages?

What about years later when that same land development corporation president attended a LDPCSD meeting and actually advocated customers not pay their property taxes in protest to force the County of Mariposa to fold and permit the “Deerwood Plan” for Lake Don Pedro?  Good grief! Who encourages another to do something that will inevitably harm them?  Someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the ultimate victim – that’s who.

You know, I don’t have the time or patience now to reiterate all the horrible things that have gone on and are going on in this area right now – besides it makes my heart uncomfortable.  Suffice it to say ALL OF THIS BEHIND THE SCENE GARBAGE (just like now) has been, and is, actively working against the best interests of regular property owners in this subdivision who are building homes  in these beautiful though rugged foothills.

Please realize our MOST IMPORTANT AND EXTREMELY VALUABLE RESOURCE (quality water from Lake McClure – good heavens – IT FLOWS FROM YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK folks!) has been under attack by land developers and real estate speculators ever since we became a public agency!

Now don’t you feel special?



My best to you and yours, Lew

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