Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

Lake Don Pedro Community Services District

9751 Merced Falls Road


August 20, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

Mission Statement: The LDPCSD is dedicated to providing potable water that either meets or exceeds all state and federal standards in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of our customers utilizing the most cost effective methods possible while still maintaining a sound financial plan now and for the future.


1. CALL TO ORDER: Presiding Officer: Establish Quorum, Pledge of Allegiance

2. PUBLIC COMMENT § 54954.3:

Any person may address the Board at this time on any matter within the jurisdiction of the Board that is NOT ON THE AGENDA. A maximum of three minutes is allowed each person and a maximum of 20 minutes per topic. Any person wishing to address the Board on an item ON THE AGENDA will be given the opportunity at that time. The Board Chair may apply reasonable restrictions, including time limits, on all public comments. Speakers are encouraged to consult District Management or Directors prior to agenda preparation regarding any District operation or responsibility, as no action will be taken on non-agenda issues. Generally no discussion or comment by the Board should be expected on non-agenda items, except to properly refer the matter for review of action as appropriate. Based upon §54957.9, in the event the meeting is willfully interrupted, the chair may order the room cleared and continue in session.

3. DISCUSSION / ACTION as to all items except those indicated as discussion only:

a. Presiding Officer’s Report:

b. Statement of Brown Act Compliance:

?Request: by Director Richardson –Board vote to affirm continued obedience to Brown Act

Meeting notice requirements despite State suspension of enforcement and/or reimbursement 

c. Dan Tynan Request:

?Request: by J. Turner – Verification of LDPCSD employment for the CDPH certificate

d. Hugh Martin Request to stop paying availability fee:

?Request: by Director Ross – consider a policy on requests of this type and a decision on

his request

e. Chief Plant Operator’s Report: R. Gilgo

Report includes the following:

•Chief Plant Operator’s Report

?Request: $1650.00 plus tax for repair of 2001 Chevy company truck

f. Treasurer’s Report: M. Avila

Report includes the following:

?Request – Approval, read, and file August Treasurer’s reports for reporting period July 2012

?Request – Approval, to pay legal bill

?Request – Approval, to pay Pinnacle bill

g. Consent Calendar #1:

?Request – Approve, read and file of the consent calendar

There are no minutes to present at this time

?Correspondence: CSDA Salary Survey:

?Request – Decision if the Board wants the District to participate in the Survey

Consent Calendar #2:

?Request – Read and file of the consent calendar

• There are no meeting minutes to present at this time

h. Substantial Water Loss:

?Request: by Director Richardson – Apparently approximately 7,480 +/- gallons of water in the last two months has been lost from an Outside MIDPOU water line which traverses private ranch property.  Access by CSD will be required to confirm line integrity, correct reason for loss, and prevent cross contamination to down line users. District engineers have confirmed there are no records of this line with the exception of an inquiry in 1982 by Wes Snyder of the feasibility of installing such. Propose an ad hoc committee to investigate matter (including process for creating a public utility easement for the LDPCSD to maintain the line) then report back to the board.

i.   GM/IGM Vacancy:

?Request: by Director Richardson – Circumstances of recent IGM resignation and options for vacancy: Request Board “vote of confidence” for John Turner to continue as GM / IGM with understanding any pending written complaints will be addressed appropriately

j. Authorization to Hire Licensed Operator:

?Request: by Director Ross – Consider authorizing the Chief Plant Operator to hire a qualified person with a minimum of a T-2, D-2 license as soon as possible.

k. Letter from Bruce Ramsden California Department of Public Health:

?Request: Information, Designation of Chief and Shift Operators

l. Recruitment of Financial Administrator:

?Request: by Director Ross – Consider actions to fill the vacant position of Financial Administrator, including advertising for the position.

m. Appointment of Treasurer:

?Request: by Director Ross –Consider alternatives for appointment of Treasurer

n.   Designation of Staff Responsibilities Pending Hiring of General Manager:

?Request: by Director Ross – Consider designating a CSD employee to be in charge of Operations and a CSD employee to be in charge of Administration pending hiring a GM

o. Grand Jury Response:

?Request: by Director Richardson / Director Ross – Options in light of IGM resignation

p. Board Reorganization:

?Request: by Director Ross – Board reorganization due to resignation of Board President

q. Appointment of Board Secretary:

?Request: by Director Ross – consider alternatives for appointment of Board Secretary


Any Director may address the Board on any item of interest that is within the subject matter and jurisdiction of the District. Generally no discussion or comment by other Board members should be expected on non-agenda items, except to properly place the matter on a future agenda for review, discussion or action as appropriate.


$&? $&? $&? $&?

Much has happened in the last few weeks and I have been very busy.  Some of the information I wanted to post immediately, but due to the continuing nature of some of the situations decided discretion a more prudent path for now.  Suffice it to say, if you can possibly make it to the August 20th 2012 Monday Board meeting, please do so.  I imagine it will be quite informative.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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