who the FRACK actually knows?

Except those involved in this atypically secret and speedy LDPCSD recent general manager appointment? 

SAME OLD STORY? JUNE 2017 lakedonpedro.org photo & blah blah blah

For the record, I have no idea who the new GM is, nor do I believe I have ever met him.  He may be a great guy with loads of integrity (which I was told by an unknown third party who apparently knew our new GM and his family well).

Of course, he could also PERHAPS BE

(emphasis on perhaps, because EVERYONE IS PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, right? – Well, unless of course the person is a conservative president who is “DRAINING THE SWAMP” of political corruption. lol)

(Or he could PERHAPS BE) someone more like Peter Kampa, who in my opinion and based on his documented record with the LDPCSD, sold out whatever integrity and/or trustworthiness he may have possessed a very long time ago when pursing his own business interests rather than the district’s. 

Yes, Pete Kampa certainly appears as an energetic, “clean cut professional” with an impressive repertoire of memorized special district topic points that quite effectively appear to unequivocally support and justify whatever he is selling at the moment, and that is the important point to remember, Pete Kampa is ALWAYS SELLING SOMETHING. 

Live and learn.  But that’s just the problem in such scams – by the time customers learn just how disingenuous their Board of Directors and their “hand-picked remote GM” actually are, their deceitful plans have already been initiated and/or accomplished. The damage has been done, complex and expensive activities utilizing beneficial government grants have started and once complete Pete Kampa simply moves on to the next special district for conquest and exploitation. Here’s the kicker!…..These other “victim districts” have


If some unethical or illegal plan is discovered and rejected by the public or proper authorities (or when the job is successfully complete for use) Kampa just moves to the next “cultivated district” on his list. This is especially effective when his SPECIAL DISTRICT MAGIC is allowed to work for a while before returning to finish the job, as in the case of Lake Don Pedro CSD. Let those LAFCO ANNEXATIONS and angry land owners simmer for two decades until the money and time is perfect for the reconfiguration of a SURFACE WATER TREATMENT PLANT into a GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION FACILITY TO CIRCUMVENT THE RESTRICTIONS IN WL11395 for annexations Kampa set up 20 years ago! Whatever happens with such scams Pete Kampa always has a “fallback” special district for a strategic retreat.

(Kind of like the current commercial running on television where an “almost as good” certainly isn’t good enough. A concerned mother and son are sitting in a ride compartment but questioning a carnival worker about the safety of the Ferris wheel type of mechanical ride he assembled himself the night before – as he has difficulty with the locking device. Something to the effect of, son: “but what if something bad happens?”, the carnival worker shrugs it off while walking away saying “we just move to the next town” as mother and son quickly get off the ride before it starts.)

Sure wish MR WECs could have avoided the KAMPA RIDE for the last 5 years, not to mention what the future holds now, as good old Pete just moves on up the road to the next town.

Yes of course people like Pete Kampa are brought in by local leaders looking for remedies to problems …. some might honestly get fooled, but what are they actually expecting this “CSDA PROFESSION HITMAN” to do for (or against) that particular special district community?  Who knows?  But if the Groveland public thinks they understand “government transparency” now, just wait for the Pete Kampa “interpretation” and his bait and switch ploys which must always be fueled with half truths, misrepresentations, and outright deceit and betrayal when questions get too close. 

Oh well, so sad, but it is a Groveland community problem now, which in itself speaks volumes as to the “protection of the public” by local and state law enforcement authorities who refuse to timely investigate and resolve such activities (or are effectively prevented from doing so through DEEP STATE POLITICAL ACTIVIST EMPLOYEES REFUSING TO PERFORM ASSIGNED DUTIES ACCORDING TO DEPARTMENT POLICY AND LAW) – which only permits and encourages continued destructive, expensive, and illegal activity to continue again, and again, and again…..unchecked and without accountability – other than the “passed on accountability” in higher taxes to those consumers who are already victims of such special interest unethical activities and misuse of public funds! (Vicious little cycle with the innocent (often mandatory) customers getting the “short end of the stick” every single time.  Why?  CITIZENS MAKE UP THE “DEEP POCKET” FOR FINANCING SUCH DEVIATION AND CORRUPTION OF THE LAW AND LEGAL PROCESS!    

Whether the special interests of real estate and land development in Tuolumne and Mariposa disagree with the restrictions in WL11395 or not, it is state water law created by professionals to achieve maximum beneficial use of Merced River water for the public. Naturally this is a highly complicated and controversial legal issue spanning decades and affecting many water right holders.   Still, it is frightening (at least to me) to realize that the legally established POU Boundaries for water license 11395 on file since June 1978 were almost completely reconfigured (replaced) based on intentional misinformation furnished by a top California Special Districts Association 20 year director to the California State Water Board Water Rights Division in order to continue illegal diversion and use of Merced River water which only begs the question:

who can the public trust concerning their water?

Is the Lake Don Pedro CSD just one of the many corrupted special districts in California which cost (the often “mandatory”) customer consumers more and more while receiving less and less – all under the generally accepted banner of “everything costs more anyway”, as pointed out by our California Special District Association member auditor who was advising the board on the best time to raise our rates and fees? 

 OOPS!  Almost forgot a crucial element to this KAMPAGANDA MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUE (or perhaps even the CSDA’s?) …. it is always best to assist in the hiring of your own replacement (especially if just caught being extremely dishonest).  CONSISTENCY IN LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT SO AS TO CONTINUE ADVANCING WHATEVER SCAM ACTIVITY OR PROGRAM KAMPA INITIATED. Assisting in the replacement sounds like a reasonable concept at first (for a normal “above board operation”), except when you consider the potential for the Board of Directors, Pete Kampa (and his various water organizations) and the Merced Irrigation District et all, to simply –

replace Pete Kampa with another individual with the same or similar commitment to circumventing water law and expanding a highly unethical and expensive subsidized groundwater replacement program for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS outside the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE (POU) for Merced River water per water license 11395 which the MID holds.  (The WL11395 POU is of course the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision and golf course.)   

Gosh, why take a chance that the last five years of public deceit and misrepresentation of facts to other government entities along with the hidden goals already accomplished could be lost to a new GM who might actually follow the law and support the rights of the thousands of MR WECs (Merced River Water Entitled Customers) in the subdivision?

So, what is the Lake Don Pedro CSD Board of directors, their former GM and his company, the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT, and other individuals/agencies/companies/corporations, etc., previously involved with the development of a FAKE DIGITAL WL11395 POU Map, actually concealing from the far majority of legal Merced River Water Entitled Customers (MR WECS) of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision with this rapid appointment of a new general manager? 

Or are they even being fair to this new employee? Was he clearly advised what DIRECTORS and Pete Kampa had done in creating the FAKE DIGITAL WL11395 POU MAP which was intended to replace the official one on file with the SWRCB to permit continued violation of diversion and consumption restrictions in the future? Or will he simply be “kept in the dark” like our own attorney was regarding the new Lake Don Pedro Waste Water Facility being constructed OUTSIDE THE MID POU USE AREA?

Again, considering the years of deception routinely practiced by the Board of Directors, Peter Kampa, the Merced Irrigation District, etc., it is extremely difficult to view such a speedy, confidentially cloaked GM appointment as above board or even in the best interests of the legal customers.  I sure would hate to see any other innocent person harmed by residual unethical shenanigans by Directors and their former co-conspirator “voice of the district” Pete Kampa.

Consider (only this short list):

  • Pete Kampa worked for LDPCSD between 1994-1997 and was aware of water license 11395 restrictions (as was the Mariposa County LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) years prior to LDPCSD formation in August 1980.
  • Pete Kampa was caught (back in the mid 1990s) attempting to annex thousands of acres into the LDPCSD (both Tuolumne County and Mariposa County) without board instruction or approval – he then left for McCloud CSD and the infamous Nestles bottling contract.
  • The Board of Directors between (2014-2019) refused to simply contact Merced Irrigation District (MID) holder of WL11395 or the State Water Board to ascertain the official state POU on file for WL11395.
  • Pete Kampa stated the MID recently provided him with the most recent POU map on file and that was all he knew about the map (although the map in question appears to have actually been created during his first tour of duty in the 90s for the South Shore Club project that was subsequently abandoned for failing to meet state water board conditions of approval.)
  • Merced Irrigation District assisted Pete Kampa in preventing OUTSIDE POU USE information from continued provision to the public  (multiple information requests for 16 years of license compliance reporting were never provided, much less acknowledged by MID – the water license holder was unsure what I was requesting?  16 years of monthly reports?  Certified mail never received, etc. while simultaneously encouraging the LDPCSD to change MID terminology regarding the OUTSIDE MID POU REPORT which Kampa discontinued upon his return in 2014?)
  • Pete Kampa assisted in the recent GM recruitment
  • Contract enforcement venue chosen was Merced Superior Court (rather than Mariposa where our CSD is located and the contract to be honored – I emailed a question to the LDPCSD office regarding this yesterday.)
  • Director comments during meeting regarding the GM candidate being well “connected” in the area? With whom or what?
  • Candidate’s past employment history is confidential from public according to Board President Danny Johnson.
  • The State Water Resources Control Board Notice of Violation action against the LDPCSD from September 28th, 2017 (complaints filed Feb & April of 2016) is evidently still in some type of process while incorrect information regarding the matter has remained on the state website for public viewing despite complaint.
  • Good Lord…. and there is so much more ….

I truly want to believe the best in people and have absolutely no reason to doubt the integrity, honesty or good intentions of the recent GM appointee, however, with that said, I also have five years of unanswered legitimate questions and a host of related reasons not to trust the motives and goals of those making the appointment.

As President Trump often says, “we’ll just have to wait and see” – but that’s part of the problem, yeah?

My best to you and yours, Lew

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