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STANDBY FEE was the original term  used for those subdivision properties where water service had not been connected yet, but was “standing by” waiting for the property owner to request service at which time it would be provided.  The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) made this point quite clear when it approved the transfer of Sierra Highlands Water Company facility and assets to the new LDPCSD.   ANY SUBDIVISION PROPERTY DOCUMENTED IN THAT TRANSFER COULD RECEIVE WATER SERVICE AT ANY TIME UPON DEMAND!

The “availability fee” was added in the 1990’s to cover all the COUNTY LAFCO ANNEXATIONS that DID NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO THE MERCED RIVER WATER UNDER WL11395 – they could only receive extremely expensive GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION– therefore, their water service was contingent upon an “ALTERNATE SOURCE WATER” being available for their outside WL11395 Place of Use properties.

Pete Kampa was returned in 2014 to create that massive “ALTERNATE SOURCE OF WATER” aka expensive groundwater substitution, with groundwater wells developed with public funds and resources for the purpose of supplying water to the LAFCO ANNEXATIONS Kampa setup in the 1990s.   (This was a violation of the intent of grant funds that were supposed to be used only for existing customers to insure they would not run out of water during the state wide emergency drought.)

Kampa used this state wide emergency drought to conceal what he, his board, and others, were actually doing – MISAPPROPRIATING  THOSE GRANT FUNDS TO CREATE AN ALTERNATE SOURCE WATER in order to remedy the many water right violations committed through service of Merced River water outside the legal Place of Use of water license 11395 that the LDPCSD has used since formation in August 1980.

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