“However, if complaints are made as a result of junked vehicles, trash around the properties, and dangerous situations, it is the obligation of our community to ensure that these items are taken care of properly. That obligation has always been in place and the fine schedule does not change that.”

Julie Limbocker, Recently appointed LDPOA Director

Hey Julie….if you are too busy (plotting on how to squeeze more money out of property owners you don’t like) to drive one of these roads for yourself – just watch this video and re-read your May 14, 2013 statement.


A few initial questions regarding Julie Limbocker’s statement.

Would the Lake Don Pedro Owners’ Association have approved these obviously inferior and dangerous roads if permission to construct them had been requested as required by our regulations?

If fines are to be imposed for violations, should not the most serious/dangerous situations be of priority and thus addressed first?

What happens when someone does sustain property damage, is injured or killed on one of these roads and their attorney learns Association Directors intentionally refused to take preventative action due to political affiliations with the land developer who constructed them for increased profits?

Could individual directors somehow be held liable for failure to perform their fiduciary duty to the Association?

Why not simply levy fines against Thomas Porter and his Deerwood Corporation for construction of extremely dangerous roads within our subdivision that are open to the public and ticking time bombs for property damage, injury and/or death?

(Perhaps simply requiring traffic guards/barriers; warning/caution signs; reflectors, etc. would be a good start at protecting the Association from potential liability?)

Thank you Julie Limbocker for “driving home” this important issue of dangerous situations within our Lake Don Pedro subdivision; “accelerating member interest”; and “steering our community” in the right direction.

I will pick up my LDPOA complaint forms today.

Have a safe and enjoyable ride.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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