Tale of the tailbone (Coccyx).   LOL


August 12 2013:  Alternative (a made up and pitiful attempt at humor) explanation for my extremely sore Coccyx:  http://youtu.be/4rKtQYKzWxg

[HEY!  IT’S GOING TO HURT REGARDLESS ANYWAY, RIGHT? So I might as well appreciate the fact it wasn’t more serious, learn some lessons, and laugh about the whole thing.   Healing is such a wonderful thing.]

There was something bothering me for a while but it worked itself out.   You know the old expression –  “Knock the “$hi7″ out of something?”   Well, I recently experienced just the opposite.  I hit the ground so hard it must have “knocked the “$hi7” back further into me!   I kid you not.  I couldn’t go for three days.  True I wasn’t eating much anyway and sitting was agonizingly painful, but seriously, I still had some prior traffic already in a holding pattern and was anticipating a forthcoming arrival, or rather, delivery.

Unfortunately, when my ass hit that hard ground something “snapped inside” and my body’s Intestinal Motility Union evidently decided to go on strike – because nothing was going to move.   Funny though, just before I was successful for the first time after the accident, there was a bit of sharp internal pain accompanied by an audible “crack”.  I figured it was just something popping back into position naturally.   Yeah, that’s it.  No worries.  Simple realignment.  Everything is just back like it was.   No biggie.  Unless something is misaligned, splintered or fractured; separated pieces of bone…..

I don’t want to do this any more…..New Videos located on top menu bar

My best to you and yours, Lew.

Everything is probably right where it is supposed to be….right?  lol

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