P1 Nov 20th 2017 LDPCSD Board Meeting

Yes I know.  Wasn’t going to attend meetings anymore but realized I would rather be pissed off KNOWING what they were doing than GUESSING what they were up to… next.  Quite obvious Pete Kampa has been primarily working for the benefit of Outside Place Of Use land developers THAT MUST BE SERVED EXPENSIVE GROUND- WATER AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR THE MERCED RIVER WATER they have ALWAYS BEEN PROHIBITED from receiving due to water license restrictions.

But why does the Board continually support such betrayal of the far majority of legal customers?  Why support having the MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS pay for this special benefit and all the other associated costs?   What happened to fairness and only paying a fair share?   In for a dime – in for a dollar?  Afraid to make decisions without Pete Kampa telling them what is the right move to make?

The idea that we all must now pay even more because Pete Kampa says he cannot understand a simple and very clear POU map is adding insult to injury.  Kampa INTENTIONALLY VIOLATED LICENSE RESTRICTIONS yet we will pay him and other “professionals” to go to the state water board and DEFEND ACTIVITIES PLANNED 20 years ago!

What about Mariposa County LAFCo keeping that 900 acre proposed subdivision (whose annexation was supposedly approved by LAFCo in 1995) basically a secret until only months prior to Kampa’s unethical return to LDP?   Sure sounds like some form of conspiracy to me.  If 900 acres had been approved in 1995 for annexation into the district – that fact should have been clearly documented on all subsequent LAFCo maps as public information  –  NOT ILLUSTRATED AS BEING ONLY SPHERE OF INFLUENCE until Kampa returned to provide the groundwater wells with public funds.   Undoubtedly there are many individuals and “entities” involved with this annexation/POU denial scam – all far more powerful and influential than a simple blah blah blah blogger who wonders if justice will ever prevail over the powerful special interests in this area.

Guess what?  At least it is raining!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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