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You prefer hell’s vision of rationing.

Ask backwoods dung what is dead.

Clearance is correcting for the storm.

Simply reheating turds in your head?

Scores presented Red Herrings ON AIR

a few preferred to eat their own shoes.

Insist on the crop growing-up too slow,

as a fart objected that “he is you”.

Early hypocrisy was sentenced to the joint

forbidden fornication with an Otter-snake?

“Her pants, leg and hat between lies” aunt retorted.

Be sure cheat’n cohorts star next and are paraded!

We’ll spank you into our heaven.

Fake on say so hot morgue

Any train crowdable three choirs inspection

Eye rest to you and whores, New

Example of a hypothetical “ABSOLUTELY FREE” (aka taxpayer funded) “Interpretative” verbatim transcript distributed to “RESIDENT” Party voters to assist them in understanding the complicated issue of INACCURATE TV CAPTIONING.