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CPU processing was taking so long I had to leave post it notes to remember what command I was going to use next!  lol  Seriously. Yeah, yeah….getting older too, but not that bad…..yet.    Strange how strong beliefs can provide you with added strength and determination on one level while simultaneously weakening you on another.  Oh well, we all have birth and death in common.  Not much choice in the former so might as well be doing something you believe heart and mind in when you must leave, right?  If this production doesn’t teach me to SOME HOW LEARN TO CONFIRM CAMERA SETTINGS…….NOTHING WILL!  WHAT A PAIN IN THE…

If something like this does happen again (recording on too high of a resolution format) I believe just converting the file to AVI would be easier.  I read online about some options but I didn’t want to purchase or use FREE software  – seems like there is always some hidden “hook” or something else attached to the “FREE”.  Figured I’d try it this way first and just be more careful next time.  (I still think it was resetting somehow, but again, that micro switch is very sensitive and I may have accidentally changed the setting with my numb thumb.  Yes, my numb thumb.) One heck of a clear image though yeah?  Don’t recall everything I read, but Sony has its own format that’s different from the Olympus.  To be honest I didn’t shop much for a new video camera.  I had used a number of HandyCams in the past and really liked them – but the old heavy analog tape and first digital ones.  I do like the more simplistic menu structure, but again, sore, numb digits make working with small switches/buttons difficult.  Holding the camera is like holding a Hummingbird – unbelievably light.  I don’t use it for much other than CSD meetings so that’s another point I should use it more often and become familiar with the functions.  Yup, extremely light weight – feel like I need to duct tape a brick to it just to remember it’s on my hand!  blah, blah, blah….good night.  Lew

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