Good morning!  I must get outside today and continue work on this season’s fire breaks (wild grass and weed control – as I can hear them growing and giggling downhill as I type. Lol), however, before I decorate and cover myself in green stained splattered liquid chlorophyll and pieces of slaughtered vegetation, (smells like victory yeah?) wanted to make a quick point.  (I know, I can hear that united gasp of disbelief as well – “Blah, blah, blah Lew” doing ANYTHING quickly?  Lol)

Folks, while carefully considering the fact patterns of both the FOUR DECADES OF INTENTIONAL VIOLATION OF WATER LICENSE 11395 to provide water services OUTSIDE CLEAR MERCED RIVER WATER service restrictions for land developments on LAFCO ANNEXATIONS, many of which PETER KAMPA set up himself between 1994-1997,

in combination with –

the massive amount of FALSE INFORMATION the DEMOCRAT, PROGRESSIVE, SOCIALIST, LEFT ACTIVISTS have pushed for the last two years in opposition to PRESIDENT TRUMP’s “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” program for change, consider these American values for a moment:


Then ask yourself…IF Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Left agendas are so beneficial to LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, why must outrageous absolute lies, incorrect/known false information, and a coordinated public deception at all levels of US GOVERNMENT, be repeatedly utilized to propose, pass, implement, and finally execute UN-AMERICAN VALUES/POLICIES to the OBVIOUS DETRIMENT OF LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS already overtaxed, under-represented, and often completely ignored?

Just a thought – well, it is time to begin the slaughter, seasonal slaughter.

(That means “Foothill weeds”.  Probably should have such “clarification disclaimers” occasionally to protect from duplicitous DPSL activists reporting that I am threatening the “human weeds” in the Lake Don Pedro politically landscaped garden. Lol)

HEY! Just realized something writing the above “disclaimer of violence” (lol)….the paranoid DPSL and their fanatical anti-gun stance…???..(chuckle)…..why are they so afraid of responsible people having guns? Well, perhaps, it is because they know they have lied to their fellow Americans for years while actively undermining the very legal processes that define us as FREE! They have permitted criminals to remain in the country for decades as well……Guess I’d be worried too if I had deceived and cheated not only my law abiding neighbors for years, but the masses of people they play like chess pieces as well. Tyrants don’t care much for rights and freedoms – and guns? Out of the question!

Well, everyone have an enjoyable, productive, fun, whatever you desire, safe weekend! 

My best to you and yours, Lew

Psssst! Even you DPSL types!  lol There’s always hope you too will one day recognize you are being played.  That’s no insult because it has happened to me and many, many others before our “WAKE UP CALL” which can come at anytime in life. 

My current opinions (which could change like a windsock in a storm if factual evidence supported such change) did not form willy nilly but have been cultivated based on decades of education. observation and experience. (Yeah, that old person type stuff rears it’s ugly head again, lol)

Your personal experiences and background may be different for sure, however, that does not negate the possibility of your also being deceived, manipulated and diverted from truth and fact. All in furtherance of a proposed “new government” that IS NOT in your best interest, “bait” must always be appetizing for “ANY TRAP” (And just like a rat is incapable of participating in a “POST SPRUNG TRAP” interview, it will be TOO LATE for American Citizens to escape the FATAL PLAN of DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY AND OUR FREEDOMS!)

Obviously there are different “baits” for different “traps”, and the “traps” will vary based on the intended “victims” to be “controlled”, or completely “eradicated” right?

Bait Trap Victim Control Eradicate Purpose

Cheese Mouse Mouse Yes Yes Health/Safety

Now, fill in other variables for the above column titles yourself.

QUESTION: Would you use cheese to trap a population of college graduates with very expensive educational loans they can not pay?

NO. More likely a plan to forgive, or have someone else pay those loans would sound pretty good, yeah? But what did those financially suffering graduates ACTUALLY TRADE in exchange for such a POLITICAL CAMPAIGN PROMISE – most of which are never fulfilled (That is of course until PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP)

So what did they trade? A vote for something not likely to occur while a now proven positive course to solve such problems – (Make American Great Again – economy, good paying jobs for American Citizens, blah, blah, blah…..) is ignored, even vilified as the reason for their plight. <SNAP!>

POINT: When you marginalize or divide people into easily identifiable and recognizable groups – the various types of bait will increase correspondingly. The DPSL can’t bait all political traps with clear ANTI-AMERICAN, or ANTI-UNITIED STATES of AMERICA cheese, because the intended victims cross all identifiable boundaries…..everyone has “special interests” in their own lives….so, in order to increase the effectiveness of any trap you must first identify your victim and tune the bait to attract that specific individual, or group of individuals. aka, PROMISE EVERYTHING, give nothing, then come back and accuse the “evil other side” from preventing you plan of giving everybody everything! And just repeat the cycle at every election. And do it again, and again, and again, to the point the victims believe it is the other victims eradicating their family!

Malcolm X understood this and proactively challenged the system. That’s why commercials of his work are run on OAN. One America News.

The fact he was considered a radical Black Activist at the time doesn’t matter in regards to, or respect for, the validity and truth of his arguments and observations of what the DEMOCRAT party was doing to his community.

Most people get fooled at one time or another. Nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about (I was a Democrat once too. The DNC was all over college/university campuses registering voters right out of academia – which is quite different from real life. I do not recall a single GOP recruiter on campus. Support the party of my parents? lol


ALL Long term planning my friends. Just like Kampa and his LAFCO ANNEXATIONS to a SPECIAL DISTRICT, and returning as a California SPECIAL DISTRICT Board Director with his own SPECIAL DISTRICT management company, WITH influential government contacts all over the state, country indeed world with his European background …..NESTLES and McCloud? etc…)

…nothing to be embarrassed about….because such DPSL activities are supported and led by highly educated, trained and motivated anti-American operatives, however, they also exhibit an easily OBSERVABLE CHARACTERISTIC which is a good clue as to their actual agenda: DISHONESTY.

Yup, usually considered a BIG CLUE to integrity and actual behind the scenes (non viewable area by public regarding political process) wrongful activities.

And that’s the tricky part because it often takes much time to identify and appreciate the intricate duplicity of their nefarious agendas – just like Kampa returning 20 years later to finish his slumbering annexation plans of MASSIVE SUBSIDIZED PRIVATE PROFIT WITH PUBLIC FUNDS.

CONSIDER the co-ordination required between State Departments to SUBSTITUTE

THE OFFICIAL 1978 Place of Use MAP for Merced River Water per Water License 11395 (held by the Merced Irrigation District) on file with the State Water Board for the last 40 years, with a

“FAKE” DIGITAL PLACE OF USE MAP (Developed through a highly suspicious LDPCSD Board approved $35,000 digital mapping project to “answer the water license place of use question for the LDPCSD once and for all”???. A map used to not only conceal existing illegal diversion and use, but to permit further expansion of such prohibited use for LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) ANNEXATIONS Pete Kampa set up as a rogue employee 20 years earlier! And so, so much more.


ONE OTHER THING…..Seriously, what’s it going to harm? Why not take a look at OAN (ONE AMERICA NEWS) and learn from our beautifully diverse history as a FREE REPUBLICAN FORM OF DEMOCRACY and consider why we have been FREE all this time?   Remember that Canadian Free Press motto from the last post?  “Because without America, there is no free world”.

If you haven’t read this yet, and are feeling exceptionally brave at the prospect of better understanding what has happened to this once great state –(once “state of the art” highway systems) – take a glimpse at the past record of the HIGHEST LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IN THE STATE – aka,


What “baits” are used and for what purposes?

So much for a quick blah, blah, blah… least there’s plenty of sunshine left!  Be safe!

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