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I could tell by the expression on Liz’s face that something was going to happen – she looked a bit apprehensive…. then the loud clap of thunder outside explained the disruption to her mid-morning nap and apparent uneasiness. Well, even though the grass and weeds are growing back, and will continue to do so with this “natural late irrigation” it is always a bit easier the second, third, forth, etc. (time) doing the same work in only “temporarily” controlling them. I am afraid this fire season is going to be challenging (perhaps even brutal again) with all this late precipitation as there will likely be a tremendous amount of extra “FUEL” flourishing in these foothills.

Yup, sure hope the “controlled burning period” is extended a bit so owners can cope with the anticipated added fuel load. Frankly, this “on again”, “off again” weather makes fire season preparation quite exhausting – in addition to being disappointingly repetitious.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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