Anyone out there ever LOOK FORWARD to a root canal? I sure do. Well, this LAME was a nightmare (but always fun) – ran out of disk space again and while transferring to external drive confused file names again. (Didn’t I already make that correction? – Then would later find the other file after other revisions.) Then an issue between videos – when finally done realized the scrolling was too fast – but too difficult to go back and redo, so I tried masking the offending parts and laying something else down over the top. Semi successful. Problems there too. Oh, and spelling errors? Clintions? Materialising?) Again, in that scroll format too difficult to go back so……mistakes. So what? Plenty of more serious things to be worried about than spelling errors right now.

Like……just can’t believe ANYONE would support Biden after what he’s done using his power and authority as US VP to enrich his family, friends and accomplices with the Communist Chinese (not to mention the Ukrainians with Burisma). But then again, he and Obama did sell our country’s economy to the global market – why should they care? Did Biden believe he was just setting himself and cohorts up for lucrative positions with the “new management partners” for OUR AMERICA – for which he, Clinton, and Obama had clearly paved the way? Who knows? But as far as I am concerned, Joe Biden and all his co-conspirator ilk are stone cold crooks and traitors to this country – but of course you can VOTE TRUMP/PENCE for COMMON SENSE – or whatever reason(s) you possess! lol My best to you and yours, Lew

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