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April 18 2016 PUBLIC COMMENT Part II


REMEMBER THIS?  DRILLING NEXT TO A POND AND STILL NOT FINDING A GOOD POTABLE WELL?  (Running through YouTube and freeing space on server)

Just purging old video files because they take so much space.  These were different shots of the massive exploration around a couple of subdivision ponds looking for ground water sources.

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The name Wes Barton is quite familiar when the topic of discussion is the Lake Don Pedro CSD.   Wes is well known not only for his many years of financial experience, dedicated CSD meeting attendance, (and former service as a director as well), but mostly, Wes is recognized for his courage in directly speaking his mind about the financial status of our district and why we continually have serious problems.  Mr. Barton is a regular speaker during the “Public Comment” portion of meetings and has had many letters to the editor published in the Foothill Express bi-monthly publication.  I was extremely pleased to see 15-16 meeting attendees last Monday which was surely due to Wes Barton getting the word out.   More customers need to attend or perhaps volunteer in some other way?   Here is a thank you email I received from Wes Barton – sent to those who showed up for the meeting.

This is a thank you note for your time to consider this request to attend the Board meeting and to read/consider the request to attend.  The main issue of a 5 year contract for Kampa LLC was sent back to committee for study.  Kampa LLC was made the GM (not IGM) however.  CSD has been a troubled organization since I have been here (not because I’m here) but as I understand this development was troubled with water issues from day 1.  It is Not going to get better with todays’ understanding of water management and human nature.  Though this Community is rich in members and capacity, there will always be persons trying to take advantage of us “to line Their pockets” (and pride).  For sure Kampa LLC and some members of CSD’s Board are a challenge; limited Water and lack of community participation and will to work together (and sometimes compete) doesn’t help.

I pray that we will act as neighbors  to make a great home here at LDP.  I thank all of you who attended and e-mailed me.   We all will be called up on again  – Wes Barton


Lake Don Pedro Owners Association members had better wake up and smell the chlorine and get involved ASAP (As Soon As Possible) because Pete Kampa with the Board’s approval is cooking up some extremely expensive surprises for all of us to swallow very soon.

THERE WE GO! Had to dump a couple of files to make room! EXCELLENT JOB WES!

THERE WE GO! Had to dump a couple of files to make room!



Please take a moment to look at the numbers Mr. Barton has been kind enough to accumulate in one place for us to review and consider.  Things have been, and are, happening very quickly and by the time a customer can sift through all their “feel good garbage propaganda” and discover what they’ve really been up to, well, they had a  good head start on the deceit – but the truth is on our side and is starting to emerge.


One figure in this material which seems to surprise and anger many customers is relatively small in comparison with the  other more significant amounts of money being spent (and proposed to be spent) by Kampa  – but I guess it is the PURPOSE OF THE EXPENSE which is so frustrating – because you already know who will eventually be responsible for all of this enormous spending don’t you?  (Look in the mirror time if you own Lake Don Pedro property in the subdivision)

Here is the one number that upsets a lot of folks:  Kampa has planned to use at least $54,000 of OUR MONEY as a consulting fee to another company to pave the way for a successful proposed PROPOSITION 218 VOTE FOR A MAJOR RATE & AVAILABILITY FEE INCREASE to obtain EVEN MORE OF OUR MONEY TO USE AGAINST US!

Be assured, this is only another “foot in the door” for such consulting fees because Kampa has placed this district in serious financial uncertainty while pursuing his district “water empire” expansion plans.

Lake Don Pedro Owners Association property owners represent 99% of the {MANDATORY} customer base  of the LDPCSD and are the legal Merced River water consumers under L11395 but have been SET UP TO SUBSIDIZE WATER SERVICE for outside Place of Use properties (including other subdivisions that will “compete” with Lake Don Pedro subdivision property values with OUR WATER) with an extremely expensive ground water substitution program constructed with District and government grant funds.  (Grant money State and Federal government agencies intended for the use of maintaining the current drinking water demand for customers during a drought emergency  – NOT CREATING NEW WATER SERVICE OUTSIDE the PLACE OF USE!)

Much more to come….



My best to you and yours, Lew

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Remember a while back I was curious as to how someone like Pete Kampa could participate in a “closed recruitment process” orchestrated by a sitting director; then subsequently assume the position of GM without any background check; accumulate even more power through an acquiescing board; proceeded to burn through hundreds of thousands of dollars in district savings to continue his twenty plus year old dream of district expansion through further ground water substitution at the financial expense of the 99% of legally entitled Merced River water consumers of the subdivision?

This does not make sense.

How could Directors on the board be required to take an Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution and laws of this state yet Pete Kampa, who was obviously in control of the the CSD, did not?   ANYWAY, here is another perfect example of why Lake Don Pedro CSD should also have adequate recordings of our meetings available online.  Listen to what I discovered on the Los Osos website only hours before our own Lake Don Pedro Board meeting on Monday!


Disappointing that 3 of the four LDPCSD Directors at our meeting yesterday believed Kampa deserved to be considered a “full GM” and thus dropped the “Interim” qualifier that Kampa rarely used anyway.  ( Remember?  Less than a month as IGM:  GM KAMPA INTRO LTR TO MID)  HOWEVER, at least they did not immediately approve another KAMPA KONTRACT because that’s how we got into this mess!


My best to you and yours, Lew

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Sunday, April 17, 2016.

Although you may never know what is generally going to happen in life, there are situations whose variables are stable enough that specific outcomes will repeat themselves with such frequency that one might successfully anticipate future results.  In other words, there is a sufficient consistency or pattern of events taking place upon which a person could reasonably predict what will happen in the future.   Naturally, recognizing and appreciating such patterns at the time they occur in “real time” is the key to being prepared for what is likely going to happen.  Failing to recall at that precise moment will only result in the “I should have known better”, “why didn’t I see this coming again?”, “this is the same thing that happened last time”, “why happen now?”, etc.


Some friends were going to be stopping by yesterday, so, considering the fact young children are rarely on Tarantu-Rattle (name obviously derived from two of the very common indigenous species living here; Tarantulas and Rattlesnakes) I was engaged in the traditional “mad-dash safety check” for potentially injurious items within reach of possible curious little hands.  This routine is especially difficult for me because, to my chagrin, I must admit to leaving tools and equipment at numerous project sites resulting in the well deserved observation/expression “spending more time looking for a tool than actually using it”.


ANYWAY, I’m walking around the place picking up shovels, rakes, hedge shears, screwdrivers, and land mines (just checking to see if you were paying attention), and was opening the translucent fiberglass panel garden shed door to properly store some “found tools” when …………..why does this seem to always happen at the most inconvenient time?

Soon as the door swung open and I had started inside – something dark, about the size of a wadded up paper towel, dropped only inches in front of my face to the dirt floor below – once again reminding me why I prefer to wear a hat while working around this place.  (Ticks, spiders, etc.)  Yes, it was one of the many bats that hide out during the day until their bug eating acrobatics at night.  I had suddenly disturbed the poor thing during its beauty sleep nestled between the top of the door and the frame.  The opening door was its “rise and be blinded” wakeup call.   (Thinking I might construct/install some other “hide out” immediately above the door that might be safer for both of us?)


The little creature (as always) was apparently uninjured, probably just as startled as me as it “played dead” on the dirt floor……   Ahhh, but the eyes – the eyes tell all – and they were attentive!  I quickly grabbed a commemorative Black Oak casino beer glass full of miscellaneous nails and screws that was sitting on a shelf and dumped the contents in a bucket.  I thought about cleaning the glass first but this wasn’t my first “bat rodeo” and knew from experience as soon as those little beady eyes understood I was occupied doing something else – it would do a fast “bat walk” to the nearest vertical structure and  quickly climb and disappear.  I placed the dusty glass on the dirt floor and gently escorted the little thing into the glass and covered the top.

Black Oak Bat

Figure 1   BAT IN BLACK OAK CASINO BEER GLASS (LOOKING STRAIGHT UP)  What happened to my Bat videos?


I kept the glass covered with a towel to obstruct the bright light from further irritating the animal but briefly displayed the visitor to my friends and their children.  Later I released it inside the shed on a shelf by the door.  My only regret is not recording just how quickly the bat crawled to a vertical 2×4, straight up that stud, maneuvered around another shelf, then straight up that stud until reaching the rafters and “POOF” it disappeared into the darkness.  You know, I forgot just how fast those little animals can move on solid objects when not darting about snagging flying insects at night!




Never said I was a great cook – these were quick and easy, utilized some garden produce, and provided the opportunity to prove the “don’t play with your food” admonition no longer applies when you get old.

OKAY, looks like another beautiful foothill Sunday morning with clear skies and a slight breeze from the north.  I read where there is a chance of rain for late next week.  The over-growth is calling once again!


Tomorrow (Monday) is the LDPCSD Board Meeting at 1300hrs where Directors will consider approving a fulltime GM contract submitted by Pete Kampa and Kampa Community Solutions, llc.  I guess some would say it is merely a formality since Kampa had obviously been using the title General Manager anyway since appointment as Interim GM in October 2014.  Others could also argue that Pete Kampa should at least be required to wear the title of “IGM” for a while (as intended) before being “promoted” to full GM.   I fall into that later category I suppose, especially in light of the massive spending and behind the scene maneuvering done in regards to providing further water service outside the Place of Use issue under L11395 while using government grant money to do so.   That reminds me, the outside MIDPOU report was in the meeting packet once again.  Good job Board of Directors.

I should probably note once again that my references to “Kampa & Kompany” only refers to those particular individuals who support Pete Kampa and his expansion plan of further outside place of use water service using district ground water production as the substitution method for Merced River water transfers.  It does not necessarily mean the LDPCSD Board of Directors, although there are certainly individual directors who have supported this endeavor, or employees who are traditionally apprehensive of not being considered “a team player” with whatever IGM or GM may be the “mover and shaker” at that time.


I also noticed that once again Pete Kampa refers to correspondence the LDPCSD received from the USDA and a resulting affirmative LDPCSD reply, yet these letters are not included in the packet like in the past – why?  I understand the reason for not including all advertisements or routine announcements that were also included in past packets,  however, specific communication regarding financial and/or operational issues should not be concealed from customers.  Was there something confidential that customers should not know?  Do customers need/require the IGM/GM to explain such matters?  Are the subjects too complicated for us to understand?  Can we not read and draw our own conclusions from correspondence?  Come to think of it, do directors even receive such communications or do they also receive all information via the IGM/GM’s perspective?

Please recall how our engineers clearly indicated that a past outside Place of Use property project (another adjacent subdivision to the LDP subdivision) would have to secure their own water supply, yet when that same information was reiterated to Directors via a former GM memo it somehow had transformed into “existing or additional wells” which clearly implied the District would furnish the water.


(Bat excrement and a great fertilizer)

Such incorrect interpretations, and resulting assertions and proposed/completed activity, etc., will not occur with as much frequency if customers are aware of such information.  (aka “more eyes = less lies)  An impolite and crude way of expressing this concept might be:

“Don’t piss on me and tell me it is warm rain”

Seriously, why should customers intentionally be exposed to only a “special interest revision” of information concerning the operation of their district that may not even be in their own best interest as an entitled Merced River water user?

Anyone who owns property in the Lake Don Pedro is subdivision is a MANDATORY CUSTOMER OF THE LDPCSD and therefore ENTITLED TO and SHOULD BE PROVIDED relevant public information as to their Community Services District operation.   Pete Kampa is skillful at avoiding and dancing around particular subjects.   He is practiced at providing only sketchy answers to exact questions he would otherwise prefer not to address at all.   He even continues his past history of district expansion with the LDPCSD due to behind the scene duplicity with a sitting director who arranged a successful noncompetitive recruitment process.  Kampa is quite proficient in operating in a multitude of environments which provide their own “grey areas” for ethics or legal compliance.

Such activity illustrates and exemplifies even more why pertinent government correspondence with our district should once again be contained in the monthly board packet, because otherwise, we just wait for the next surprise bat to fall.


Later, Lew

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