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Here we go again!   lol   I know, I know…..I would prefer to be doing other things as well, but…..”IF YOU DON’T STAND FOR SOMETHING – YOU’LL FALL FOR ANYTHING!”

Same topic: PETE KAMPA/KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS, llc, asking the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for more authority to change the existing management structure with two new management positions.. OR NOT…..depends on whether you believe what Kampa said during the meeting, or what he wrote in the agenda packet material in preparation  – often completely different directions.  He is quite adept at telling people what they want to hear to garner support – and can then “SPIN ON A DIME” while maintaining a contradictory balance – of course it is our dime and if lost during the dance, it is of no big concern, there are plenty more dimes.

Anyway, there was much discussion as to the actual responsibilities of the GM and other District employees – seriously.  I kid you not!  Heck of a time to be discussing responsibilities when our SURFACE WATER TREATMENT PLANT is being re-configured into a SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUND WATER SUBSTITUTION FACILITY FOR LAND DEVELOPERS OUTSIDE THE L11395 PLACE OF USE FOR WHICH OUR DISTRICT HAS NO LEGAL OR MORAL RESPONSIBILITY TO SERVE WATER IN THE FIRST PLACE.  (you may have already heard this before – like a skipping CD on one part of a song!)

Speaking of serious stuff that is repeated ad nauseam, why on Earth is our LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT refusing to post the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE MAP on our “new and improved website”?   This is nuts!  That MID-POU Map clearly illustrates the restrictions on serving MERCED RIVER WATER outside the boundaries established under water license 11395 – yet the DISTRICT WILL NOT DISPLAY IT FOR CUSTOMERS TO SEE AND APPRECIATE FOR THEMSELVES – EVEN THOUGH OUR DISTRICT HAS BEEN SUBJECT TO THOSE WATER SERVICE RESTRICTIONS FOR OVER 35+ YEARS!  When I was on the board I attempted to get that map installed in the office – ABSOLUTELY NOT!  (What a foolish thought – illustrating where MERCED RIVER WATER could legally be used!)

For some reason it makes me think of the State of California removing SPEED LIMIT SIGNS ON ALL PUBLIC ROADWAYS then allowing individual law enforcement officers to decide at the time of the vehicle stop what the posted speed limit is, 65MPH one day, 15MPH the next, then later maybe 175MPH!  (Yeah, I know, not a very good analogy – but still, how can any business (or enforcement of law), be fairly carried out without a clear understanding of what is legally permitted?  Wasn’t there a routine by Steve Martin years ago where he explained his wrongful action by stating he simply forgot murder was illegal? – Guess such explanation works with TOP SECRET materials stored on private email servers as well – even if leading to another person’s demise.)

Seems to me this is the sort of BASIC PUBLIC INFORMATION (where Merced River water can be legally served) THAT EVERY CUSTOMER OF THIS DISTRICT SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO ON THE WEBSITE. Any person actually – it’s supposed to be a public agency.

Here’s a funny tidbit, PETE KAMPA is scheming some way of receiving an award for PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY OF GOVERNMENT PROCESS FOR OUR DISTRICT WHILE UNDER HIS MANAGEMENT COMMAND– yet he refuses to publish this easily obtainable map!   The sad part is I wouldn’t be surprised if he did receive an award for transparency – seems there are many others in government and related support agencies with that same “mushroom philosophy” for rate paying customers and citizens –  KEEP THEM IN THE DARK AND FEED THEM BULLSHIT – they can’t do anything about it at all except vote – and by then they will forget the initial complaint due to all the other BS that has been heaped on them in the name of public service!

Yes indeed, I am very cynical of government (as was suggested by an SWRCB employee a while back during a “conference call”) and even more so now considering the lack of promised follow-up by the very people who profess to be concerned about state regulations being followed.  (More like cover their own asses and ignore the problem.)

TRANSPARENCY OF GOVERNMENT PROCESS?  Yup, there is certainly something transparent about what is going on in LAKE DON PEDRO, – but not in a good way.  (Of course we all must recognize that the “wheels of justice grind slow…….but exceedingly fine” aka – some things naturally take more time to investigate while the resulting harm/injury/damage may continue.)

Part VI will start with the exciting Board vote on whether or not to approve Kampa’s research as to the responsibilities required of District employees, including the GM (didn’t we do that in the last episode?)

Good grief – time for a cold beer!  MBTYAY, Lew

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