2’35” of recent LEW FLU

Why this expression? I don’t know, just because I guess.

Yup, nasty strain of FLU. I took a gamble and did EXACTLY what good ‘ol Mom warned against…..getting back to a work routine too early and risking a possible relapse but I was faced with a garden shed roof collapse to that problem “leaning tree”.  Yeah, forced me out of bed a bit soon but thankfully I was able to remedy the situation without any serious problems although I had to lay down on the ground a couple of times to rest because of dizziness. Yes I considered the possibilities carefully….chainsaw, ladder, not feeling 100% – but was never-the-less able to remove the weight of the tree and save the roof – then “I crashed” for another day or two watching TV and picking up around the house a bit (which is always required).  Still not quite back to normal but definitely much better. Not being able to smell/taste food is always a problem with gaining your strength back but chicken noodle/tomato soup and crackers seem to always fill that bill – and of course….FLUIDS FLUIDS FLUIDS! Cannot risk dehydration while fighting those bugs. Well….I hear that familiar call for weed slaughter! later!

My (near) best to you and yours, Lew

PS: Please be careful with this year’s Flu!  Don’t be a dumb ass like I was – obtain the necessary medications some way and rest!

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