I’ve collected them for years, why not?  They are beautiful and complex structured natural formations – and in my own yard no less!  Sure they are not worth much in a cash value sense (absolutequartzcrystals com) but that isn’t why I am interested in them and take the time necessary to clean them up with a toothbrush and water.  I just appreciate them for what they are: natural geologic gifts.

Yup, even though there is never enough time to get the ever present “to do list” done, seems I always manage to find the time to go “off the task at hand” for the enjoyment received and wonder stimulated, as a result of being semi-observant.  (I qualify the word observant because only the Good Lord knows what I routinely overlook in my rush to get things done in everyday life.)

Take the below photo for instance.  After many years of scratching at this foothill geology with pry bars, picks, and hammers, when planting trees, bushes, posts, PVC/Conduit lines, etc., I’ve learned to keep an eye out for a certain pattern in the otherwise common reddish-brown/tan colored rock and clay formations.  I first observed this “tell pattern” in the smaller specimens I’ve collected for almost thirty years.



I remember that descriptive name from a Geology class I had many, many years ago – but here I am now searching for and picking them up on a sunshiny day after a rain (often sparkle) or sifting through a pile of post hole diggings in a promising rock outcrop area.



Oh well, you get the idea – must get back to work!  lol


My best to you and yours, Lew


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