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Sure, I certainly would not want to give up the convenience and portability of the digital formats we use now, but I sure do miss all the graphic art previously contained within, and on, old record albums….especially the double, triple, and quadruple album sets. Recall those bad boys?

The other day my grey matter kicked out a cobwebbed memory of something like “we’re not going to take it, never did and never will”, by the band THE WHO, which only goes to prove “even a blind squirrel can find an acorn in the tree every once in a while”, because I was correct about the album name being TOMMY, but incorrectly added…..”and the WHO”.

Technically, TOMMY, as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and Chambre Choir with guest soloists”. (Difficult to resist the short hand name of “TOMMY and the WHO”)

And what soloists contributed? Performers like Pete Townshend (of the ?????), Steve Winwood, Richie Havens, Roger Daltrey, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, and Richard Harris to name some of the more familiar artists. (Well, at least for older folks like me.)

Story? Tommy witnesses the murder of his mother’s lover by his father and as a result goes deaf, dumb and blind. (Original description contained with presentation because I would think “dumb” is probably the incorrect descriptive term now. Another reason for its TOTAL PROHIBITION?) Regardless, only two things seem to “touch” TOMMY, playing a pinball machine and looking at his own reflection in a mirror.

Due to his amazing ability in consistently beating the pinball machine, despite his physical/emotional conditions, he unintentionally encourages a large crowd of followers. But as his followers grow in number, and in an attempt to communicate with her son, his mother smashes the mirror and essentially cures TOMMY who then believes himself to be a Messiah and becomes an “evangelist, passing on the shadow and the light of his experience. His sermons bring forth the multitudes.”

Eventually his followers turn against his power and authority as expressed in the lyrics:

“We aint’ gonna take you, never did and never will. We ain’t gonna take you. We forsake you. Gonna rape you. Let’s forget you, better still.”

The government ultimately failed to recognize any validly reasonable support for use of that word in the lyrics, (as an acceptable form of entertainment for “the people” determined through subsequent analysis and the later implementation of its vast legislation titled “Approved Societal Standards – Uniform Regulations”, or “ASS – UR” for short).

Essentially all possible explanations or excuses for the existence of the “TOMMY ALBUM” (with its politically incorrect and offensive use of “that word” and others to a lessor extent) were considered invalidated and and quickly dismissed. The government unambiguously declared:

“THERE IS NO positive contribution. No meaningful societal good or benefit was produced by this corrupting musical production.”

Thus, the original work and all reproductions (of any portion) of the audio, video, or photographic images were ordered confiscated by government operatives with ANY AND ALL potential acquisition by citizens halted. Those remaining in circulation in the possession of designated “unrepentant criminals” were subsequently destroyed with their possessors also dealt with harshly.

In conjunction with that policy of “unavailable by destruction”, an effectively enhanced and sustained government surveillance and apprehension program was also approved and instituted by the PSLA (Progressive Socialist Left Activists) utilizing drones, and other sophisticated monitoring equipment to insure compliance and the safety of communities across the nation.

Those caught were subjected to a correspondingly and ever increasing system of severe and inhumane public witnessed punishments. (An additional “beheading policy” is currently under consideration by the new government.)

Naturally punishment is executed without right of trial by a “jury of peers” – because, after all, think about it – what is the actual point of all the activity?…….there should be NO PEERS to consider such aberrant and justifiably prohibited behavior! (This is why it took me awhile to obtain the album for the post photograph as I store TOMMY and other such prohibited albums like those of Frank Zappa and Firesign Theater,etc., (all designated as “anti-societal & worthless material”) in a locked metal box buried downhill near the seasonal creek drainage culvert.)

Even those remotely assisting in the procurement of such outlawed materials (ie, “you might be able to find that album in Texas or Montanna”) are also dealt with in a swift and punitive fashion to assure 100% compliance with government directives and codes regarding “community safe entertainment and recreation”. Why not? Clearly, these government actions were only taken on behalf of all citizens in the continuing effort to protect and sustain our righteously, ordered, PSLA communities.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: Nahhh, suck it up cupcakes! Recognize that specific word, and others, (even f@#king bad ones) are used in specific circumstances for desired effect without ANY CONSCIOUS INTENT WHAT-SO-EVER to cause any further injury or harm to legitimate victims of such outrageous, inhumane criminal activity by those without functioning morals or basic respect for other humans. (Bet they mistreat and abuse other animal species with the same vulgar disrespect – yeah?)

Such active criminal perpetrators are what should be banned, perhaps even destroyed, but once again, all depending upon the specific circumstances.

Oh yeah! ….I also honestly did not intend any disrespect to any of you viewing f@#kers out there either with the use of the word “f@#king” above. Have a great f@#king weekend! 🙂

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