Seems I always end up going just a little bit too far with adding “stuff” to these experimental compositions.  Everything will be going along pretty good until I pass some invisible line of “too much” in mixing resulting in audible distortions I am unable to remove.  Sure, there may be some kind of software program that could help with this difficulty (also knowing what the hell you were doing and possessing the talent, skill, and training necessary would also be helpful, lol) but what I’m doing is still just a bit of a hobby and collecting expensive equipment will not pay for itself.  Yup, I certainly have more appreciation for the folks that professionally do this kind of work and can understand how their equipment/software would always be changing and upgrading with the new technology.  Not hard to imagine it consuming a big chunk of any profit that might be generated just to “stay on top” of the new thing.  I recall reading where Frank Zappa would perform a bunch of quickly scheduled live concerts only to obtain the cash necessary to arrange the studio time with expensive full orchestras for  special projects. Others might consider his band’s extremely lucrative (and demanded) concert schedule the epitome of success whereas for Frank Zappa it was only a means to the end of facilitating what he truly wanted to do with music.

Heck, don’t get me wrong here, I AM NOT COMPLAINING!  I have been very blessed and am having a blast with what I possess even though the technology is antiquated because it is still new to me.  The fact it is older equipment/software is the very reason I can afford it in the first place!

Recall how the cost of the first “anything” was way up there for the first models?  The first tube television sets?  Then color sets, remote controllers, built in tape recorders, digital components, etc…. prices on the old basic sets came way down (flooding market with antiquated technology that was, or would be shortly, discontinued) allowing others to afford their first television set while the continuing “new improvements” kept the price range higher for those desiring the best available.

Oh yeah, one more excuse regarding the questionable quality of this particular “expression”.  Slapped it together rather quickly – have work outside waiting – great weather and soil moisture for digging, plus there was a little confusion with revisions and I ended up downloading/uploading the incorrect one – not a dramatic difference, but the other was just a bit better – maybe.   lol

My best to you and yours, Lew

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