Can’t believe the CSD read –

Remember the 2015 good news?

Water loss effectively controlled

At least that’s what KAMPA spewed.



“General Manager’s Report Summary

September 14, 2015

Infrastructure and Operations

System Water losses

– Attached are water system reports for August 2015 (4.5% loss), and a corrected report for July 2015 (10.5% loss), which reflect a clear and dramatic trend of decreased system losses resulting from the aggressive leak repair and water service line replacement. This aggressive effort was to accomplish multiple objectives:

Allow our existing workforce to be able to conduct system operation and maintenance work, which had not been done in years due to their full time being consumed in leak repairs, meter reading and

Reduce leakage quickly to save water during drought and 50% customer

mandated reductions

Determine the cost effectiveness of contracting versus staff conducted leak

repairs, and the associated impact on the District budget and system

operation and maintenance

Get our system water losses below 10%

I would say we accomplished each and every objective! “



Do such Pete Kampa statements make much sense considering recent treated water losses between 32% – 47%? 

Also please recall that the “raw” (untreated water) loss between the lake and treatment plant is still an unknown variable because it is not even monitored. 

How many interconnections are there between LDPCSD and MID recreational water lines at Lake McClure?  

Apparently such interconnection exists as I recall reading where the LDPCSD had “sold water” back to MID for use in their swimming lagoon multiple times due to a contamination issue at the lake.   I believe a state water department also advocated in correspondence that the LDPCSD actually take over water service at Lake McClure years ago. 

Could the MID also be liberating some of the water LDPCSD purchases from MID through a connection somewhere between the treatment plant and MID recreational properties at McClure? 

The MID supported annexations into the LDPCSD knowing such were incapable of being served lake water under its license.  Heck, the MID evidently received other water rights from owners of the annexed land by promising LDPCSD would eventually provide water service to the LAFCO approved development.  But how? 


But what happened? Why was “low loss reporting” changed back to “high loss reporting”?

Who knows without being privy to the facts but I would guess as the State Water Board became more involved with LDPCSD operations through mandatory upgrades to our monitoring equipment (required to confirm compliance with the water license due to the GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM for LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES used for over 20 years) it likely became more and more difficult to conceal this known (and ignored) water loss so as time passed the water loss only appeared to increase.   In other words, the water loss has always been substantially high yet it was intentionally concealed from MR WECs through data manipulation (and repeated refusals to provide loss information since Kampa return), however, newly installed monitoring equipment with specific reporting requirements to the state made such concealment much more difficult – if not completely impossible.

The sneaky installation of new groundwater wells, (accomplished with public funds for the private benefit of land developers with LAFCO annexed properties by Pete Kampa and his supporting board of directors), has apparently resulted in a far more expansive state monitoring and reporting process for that GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM to assure compliance with WL11395.

Such monitoring and reporting also, once again, increases the cost of water for the MR WECs of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision who do not require this EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS.


My best to you and yours, Lew


PS: Oh yeah, information is slowly coming out of the SWRCB regarding past water activities.  Check it out: December 16, 2016, Pete Kampa evidently accepted a STATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD conditional settlement offer for the Hornbrook CSD in Siskiyou County for failing to report water diversions and use under their license.  I also understand some employees up in McCloud CSD (previous Kampa acquisition and exploitation) recently lost their licenses and are prohibited from continued work in the water industry due to falsifying records (actually failing to report positive bacteria tests on water samples.)  Reoccurring theme?

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