In only 20 days our NATIONAL DEBT has INCREASED ANOTHER 172 BILLION DOLLARS OVER the 17 TRILLION DOLLAR MARK passed on November 1st ,2013.

That averages out to 8.6 BILLION DOLLARS A DAY!

Now remember, In STACKED ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS (laid one on top of another-not end to end), that is 16 TIMES GREATER THAN THE HEIGHT OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!

Seriously, does this sound even remotely sustainable to you?

Not that it helps but…..

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: Things are going very well with your Lake Don Pedro Community Services District under the excellent leadership of General Manager Ralph Felix (he has one heck of a mess to clean up that was created decades before he arrived).  Due to the outrageous complaints by only a few who support returning to the MICRO-MANAGING PRACTICES OF THE PAST (which enabled pursuit of CONFLICTING INTERESTS with the intended design and functioning of our SURFACE WATER TREATMENT PLANT), along with the desire to not make our GM’s work more difficult with those traditional spurious complaints, I am obviously no longer posting verbatim transcripts of our meetings or expressing my opinion why such COUNTER PRODUCTIVE OBSTRUCTIONISM continues to exist.  [It really is quite simple though if you look at the undisputed facts.]

Rather humorous in a way because some of the same people who relentlessly complained about this website have quietly expressed to others how they miss not being able to read what happens at our meetings.  (Note: There were never any complaints or accusations regarding the correctness or authenticity of the transcripts, but rather, only extreme criticism as to my personal opinion as to why such wrongful activity occurred.)

Oh well, perhaps those involved with the continuing obstructionism will have to purchase a book later just to appreciate how ridiculous their activities are now?

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