ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT – “how can they continue to do this with impunity?” SO?……


Mr. Vasquez, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRONEOUSLY ATTRIBUTING AND DOCUMENTING THE INCORRECT COUNTY VIOLATION LOCATIONS FOR THE INITIAL 2016  COMPLAINTS regarding WATER LICENSE 11395 PLACE OF USE RESTRICTIONS AS SUTTER AND STANISLAUS, RATHER THAN THE ACTUAL LOCATIONS OF MARIPOSA AND TUOLUMNE COUNTIES ON THE SWRCB WATER RIGHT COMPLAINT WEBPAGE?   Why has this incorrect information remained on the SWRCB website for over one year despite multiple complaints as to its falsehood, especially in light of the SWRCB acknowledgement that it is indeed incorrect?  (Why am I working much harder on this continuing example of public agency corruption than those with the authority to stop such betrayal of California citizens and their right to services under a California Special District?)

This incorrect information has remained on the SWRCB website for over one year despite multiple calls pointing out those ridiculous errors.     Surely the water rights division is aware the MERCED RIVER DOES NOT FLOW THROUGH SUTTER COUNTY AT ALL, MUCH LESS SUBSTANTIALLY THROUGH STANISLAUS COUNTY other than where it joins the San Joaquin River at the county line.   Why does such glaring misinformation remain on the SWRCB website ENCOURAGING A PUBLIC MISDIRECTION AS TO FACT?  Do you recall your answer to my question as to why the holder of WATER LICENSE 11395 (THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT)  had not even been contacted for information regarding the legitimate Place of Use for Merced River water under WL11395?   You indicated to me that the MID was essentially uninvolved regarding those continuing violations and your “INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCH HAD ESSENTIALLY STOPPED AT SIMPLY LOGGING ON TO THE MID WEBSITE!  YOU ADVISED YOU COULD NOT FIND ANY INFORMATION ON THE LDPCSD SO YOU THEN APPARENTLY COMPLETELY ABANDONED ANY FURTHER ATTEMPTED CONTACT WITH THE MID UNTIL I FILED ANOTHER COMPLAINT THROUGH THE EPA PORTAL INCLUDING MID AND OTHER ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN THIS OUTRAGEOUS COVER UP OF THE FACTS REGARDING A DECADES OLD CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY TO VIOLATE EXISTING STATE WATER LAW.

THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT NOT INVOLVED?  Tell me Mr. Vasquez, were you successful in obtaining over 16 years of MANDATORY WATER LICENSE COMPLIANCE REPORTING FROM OUR LAKE DON PEDRO CSD TO THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT AS REQUIRED IN THE WATER AGREEMENT BETWEEN MID AND THE LDPCSD?   My public information requests for that information were never acknowledged much less fulfilled.  In fact, the first certified USPS request was lost between Sacramento and Merced.  Imagine that.  But then, even a hand written request later hand walked and submitted to that MID OFFICE was also ignored and the information never furnished.  Imagine, MID was unaware of the MANDATORY COMPLIANCE REPORTING IT HAD DEMANDED IN THE WATER AGREEMENT ALMOST TWO DECADES EARLIER WHEN SUBJECTED TO A STATE WATER AUDIT?  Oh Please.    So, Mr. Vasquez, did you ever obtain and study those 16 plus years of compliance reporting to MID or did you just accept the lame excuse that MID had no idea of what you “might have” requested “if interested” in the facts?

Why have my repeated requests to speak with a “violation interested” SWRCB investigator been ignored?   Especially when you (as the supervisor) curiously refused the common sense activity of immediately contacting the MID as the license holder for easily obtainable 11395 information?  Why am I forced to deal with those initially involved investigators  who  have repeatedly demonstrated an obvious lack of concern for not only my complaints but also  easily obtainable fact?   OVER THREE YEARS NOW!   Investigators who have gone to great lengths in excluding information as to those parties directly involved with decades of costly criminal conspiracy (fabricated government documents – including but not limited to changing the California Public Utilities Commission order permitting the transfer of facilities and assets of Sierra Highlands to the LDPCSD – “PLANTED IN LDPCSD office records” and used to deflect and placate legitimate customer questions through four decades of inappropriate LDPCSD activities),  Have you ever acknowledged the clear and continuing intentional deception of  PETER KAMPA’s FAKE WATER SERVICE BOUNDARY MAPS and documents used in continuing his over 20 years of criminal activity involving LAFCO ANNEXATIONS he personally (and wrongfully) surreptitiously orchestrated over 20 years ago outside the scope and performance of his assigned duties?)  Have you bothered to research and understand how this institutionalized SPECIAL DISTRICT FRAUD was initiated and continues to this day?  Actually violates the goals of a SPECIAL DISTRICT which are:  A limited service, to a designated group of customers, in a designated geographical area and provided for only the costs involved in delivering that service.  EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF A SPECIAL DISTRICT MUTATED INTO A SPECIAL BENEFIT WATER SERVICE TO THOSE NOT ENTITLED!  PLUS,  ALL ADDITIONAL COSTS PASSED ON TO THOSE LEGAL CUSTOMERS WHO ARE ENTITLLED TO MERCED RIVER WATER UNDER WL11395!  Now I must drink arsenic (and other contaminate treated groundwater) that is mixed with the quality Merced River water from Lake McClure just so those not entitled to water service can receive special benefit “blended water” for the same cost as legal users.  Gee, wonder how you and Feldhaus would react if this was done where you live and have invested your money in a home?

Do you understand what the subsidized special benefit water service actually is for these private land developers holding LAFCO ANNEXED LAND?  Do you appreciate what sort of CORRUPTED LAFCO ANNEXATION PROCESS permitted such unethical and deliberate activity against thousands of innocent property owners within the LAKE DON PEDRO RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION – which I hope you now appreciate is indeed the legitimate POU for Merced River water?  How thousands of MANDATORY LDPCSD CUSTOMERS have been forced for years to subsidize the profit margins of land developers who have NO RIGHTS TO SUBDIVISION WATER UNDER 11395 yet demand our water to develop competing subdivisions?  Imagine, not only are these legal owners within the POU APPROVED SUBDIVISION victimized by having the most precious asset to their property ownership stolen from their subdivision, but they pay for the ever increasing and continuing theft!   (And your most recent attempted investigation closure is again setting these already victimized owners up for a 50% permanent water restriction for perpetuity just so your ERRONEOUS INFORMATION APPEARS CORRECT ON THE SURFACE!

Property owners in the subdivision have paid much more for their water service during the last four decades due to this continuing corruption the SWRCB WATER RIGHTS DIVISION HAS ONCE AGAIN CLEARLY ATTEMPTED TO COVER UP!  Why are you doing this?  What is your motivation for not conducting a legitimate, much less, COMMON SENSE investigation?

Yes, a highly unethical program of subsidized GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION TO MAINTAIN WATER LICENSE COMPLIANCE (which ACTIVELY CIRCUMVENTS WL11395 POU RESTRICTIONS THROUGH ILLEGAL USE OF GOVERNMENT GRANTS CLEARLY OBTAINED THROUGH MISREPRESENTATION OF THE LDPCSD’S LEGITIMATE WATER SERVICE BOUNDARIES and THEN MISAPPROPRIATED TO DEVELOP GROUNDWATER WELLS FOR LICENSE COMPLAINCE AND FURTHER EXPANSION OF A SPECIAL BENEFIT WATER SERVICE OUTSIDE THE POU BOUNDARY TO THOUSANDS OF OTHER OUTSIDE POU PROPERTIES).   SO here we are once again with you and your SWRCB cohorts attempting to quickly close an already corrupted investigation designed to provide immunity to those criminally responsible for this three year and counting miserable excuse for a state investigation.    Why are you and Mr. Feldhaus attempting to protect the very individuals responsible for this criminal activity?  How long have you two known Mr. Kampa?   Why have you consistently failed to conduct a reasonable investigation?  Why conceal clear facts regarding this outrageous and criminal betrayal of thousands of legal customers by their SPECIAL DISTRICT water company which was orchestrated by a 20 year and highly influential CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT BOARD DIRECTOR who has used the CSDA and its member affiliates to perpetuate this continuing criminal enterprise?      Come to think of it, what exactly is the nature of the relationship between you “SWRCB water professionals” and Peter Kampa?  (ie, how long have you, Mr. Feldhaus, and others involved actually been acquainted with Peter Kampa and his CSDA operatives committed to such a continuing fraud and abuse of public resources?       Contacting you directly only produces adequate results when others are also notified of this continuing failure to protect innocent citizens from this continuing unresolved fraud.   Failure to provide an honest investigation and due process under the law in response to clear criminal activity spanning decades is unacceptable.  Surely the EPA can just “turn off” unwanted complaints just like you turned off the offered FAX NUMBER FOR MY COMPLAINT INFORMATION!   This is not over by a long shot.   All involved in this continuing misrepresentation of fact should be held accountable for failure to perform legitimate government assigned duties.  Other than the excellent and professional initial investigation leading to the NOV, everything since has been a classic example of A COVER UP OF FACT AND ATTEMPT TO QUIETLY EXCULPATE THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR INTENTIONAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.    

Sincerely, (with  over three years of disgust and frustration regarding your unethical, run-around, “wordsmithing” deceptions),  Lew Richardson  

PS, FYI, I don’t believe I actually attempted to contact Mr. Feldhaus again but rather, mistakenly referenced his name instead of yours in my rush to send another complaint as quickly as possible before the next LDPCSD meeting and subsequent action on falsehoods  – Actually it is quite easy to confuse your names considering the similar character and quality of work demonstrated thus far.  You sir, and your willing accomplices, (undoubtedly there are government employees who have also been “hoodwinked” regarding the facts and are innocent in this continuing fraud) are perfect examples of what is wrong (and needs to be cleaned up) within current California government.  I don’t know what you are attempting to achieve, but it certainly smacks discrimination against a particular class of citizens and a far cry from any reasonable concept of justice.  Yup, not over by a long shot!    

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