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“SLINK” (actually a brown Gilbert’s Skink) was kind enough to allow a close up photo/video shoot while he was sunning.  The male’s head will continue to become red during the mating season, after which the color will fade back to normal.



SHORT VIDEO OF “SLINK” KICKING BACK ON A SUNNY DAY (yes, he’s missing his right index finger):


Doesn’t really matter

What I think, say or write

There’s always one to argue

They only want to fight


Perhaps I should protect myself and

Clarify the last blog?-

This website does not guarantee

The absence of mutant grubs……LOL


My best to you and yours, Lew


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Really don’t know the difference?

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I need to take care of two little issues before proceeding with any further posts on this website. Evidently there are some extremely confused viewers in the Lake Don Pedro area. So,….

1) A disclaimer for the previous attempted humorous photograph of the large grub found under the Oak stump — there are NO GIANT LARVAE IN LAKE DON PEDRO, and

2) my sincere apologies to those Don Pedro residents who may have panicked and packed the family vehicle, snatched kids from school and evacuated the area in fear of enormous mutant grubs infesting and roaming the Don Pedro area. I am so sorry.

So for the record: there are NO GIANT GRUBS in Lake Don Pedro. The photograph was an amateurish digitized manipulation of two different photos in an attempt to humorously exaggerate the size of the rather large grubs found under a rotting Oak stump. Please remain calm. Stay in your homes. Do not flee in fear.


And no. I will not pay for your temporary housing in motels, hotels, or your cousins’s place. Lol



My best to you and yours, Lew


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WHAT THE……..???

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But it was rather large – approximately six inches!  Not sure what it would have eventually matured into but it would have been pretty big.

[larva (s), larvae (pl): Usually a motile feeding and developing stage in the life cycle of certain insects which follows the egg stage and precedes the pupa.  Larvae of some kinds of insects are known as caterpillars, maggots, grubs, and worms.]

I remember a few years back observing a very large black and brown beetle walking across the driveway that had big antennas resembling fern leaves – kind of hairy looking.  (Reasonably sure I have some old VHS or 8mm video tape of the insect but don’t have the time to rummage through boxes of tapes right now.)  Wonder if this larva would have matured into that night-time walking monster?

“How big of a beetle was it?”,  you might ask….

“Big enough to leave clear tracks in the dirt driveway”, I would respond.

Anyway, discovered a few of these bad boy larvae under a rotten Oak tree stump while digging up the roots last weekend.  Unfortunately, most of them were discovered a piece at a time with a shovel.  (Gross)  Tried to save two of them that appeared uninjured (one slightly more mature) but they also later died – probably because of removing them from their buried, dark, moist nursery underground.

When first removed from the ground and still moving you could see the darker interior portions of the creature slinking through its cream colored – fairly translucent skin.  Creepy in a way.

Oh well.  I have been digging holes and trenches on this property for 21 years and have never run across something like this — pretty strange.  Just wanted to share the  find.


My best to you and  yours, Lew

PS:   Here’s a short video of the insect:

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The last few weeks have been kind of tough

Regarding geriatric pets

First the loss of Zack the Conure

And now Comet the white compound cat.


Just like the astronomical entity

A dirty snowball she could be

Her bright white fur and waving long tail

Picking up environmental debris


She wasn’t purchased at a pet store

Or picked out from a litter with care

Just showed up one morning at my parent’s house

Meowing for food with “that stare”


The poor little thing was covered with mites

Fleas and other parasites

She fell sound asleep as we cleaned her up

Total surrender without any fight


That tiny fur ball didn’t stand a chance

In a family of established canines

So up to Don Pedro to a fenced hillside lot

The best home as if by design


Every few days I would check on Comet

Her activities clearly defined

Gopher heads and lizard tails

Her trophies in a neat little line


When camping out Comet would sleep

Purring through the night by my side

But in the morning she was always found

Inside the warm sleeping bag


When I finally moved up to Don Pedro

I was greeted by my resident cat

Who, with no doubt, was doing quite well

Judging by the layers of fat


Once for a month she was missing

We called and searched in vain

The worst part was not knowing her fate

If deceased or suffering in pain.


But then on a warm sunny afternoon

Just as quickly as she’d gone away

There was my malnourished Comet

And she had much to convey


Judging by the grease all over her fur

And the time to took to come home

Perhaps an accidental ride she had hitched

After which she never did roam


Comet had several homes built outside

Even a catwalk from the deck to the roof

She preferred her outdoors to being inside

Sometimes appearing aloof


Comet’s exact age was hard to determine

At minimum over fourteen for sure

And to my surprise after a lifetime of dogs

My love for that cat does endure


So here’s to Comet the compound cat

Who survived Rattlesnakes, Coyotes and Owls

Although she is gone, in my heart she still lives

With that comforting sound of me-ow.


Comet was being treated for a sinus infection when it was discovered she had terminal cancer which had already caused severe internal damage. She was euthanized on April 16th, 2013 and buried next to Zack, who like a beacon, probably “squawked” directions home during her 28 day disappearance.




My best to you and yours, Lew

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A routine for over three decades
Last night was dramatically changed
A life for which I was responsible
Passed quietly without a complaint.
Thirty-three years that I know of
How old before that? Anyone’s guess.
Zack the green and red Conure,
Soared on his over-due rest.
Obviously his end was approaching
But still had a strong appetite
Slept far more than remaining awake
And for years incapable of flight.
Blind in one eye, balance not right
Stumbling and grumbling when he’d walk
But still a comedian and at just the right time
He’d blast out some comical squawk.
In his prime he really put on a show
Swinging upside down from a bar
Chattering and squawking the words that he knew
He even liked riding in cars.
Bathing was one of his favorites
Flapping and splashing his wings
Dunking his body and head under water
Shooting water from nostrils in streams.
Outlived his mate and another two pair
Became loud, bad-tempered, and could bite
But in his youth what adventures he had
When still able to fly.
Once in Sacramento near the executive airport
And through the Bing Maloney Golf Course
From tree top to tree top, over fairways and ponds
Eight hours to snag that noise source.
Zack flew in Don Pedro years ago
Four hours of flight in the breeze
Circling so high in the blue Summer sky
With landings in big old Oak trees.
Zack was an accomplished imitator
Woodpeckers, Blue Jays even Turkeys
But an off-color word sometimes he would voice
And to my shame he learned it from me.
So many years, concerned about noise
With his whistles, chattering and squawks
Now only wild birds do I hear all around
Already I miss his styled talk.
“Hello” “Good Boy”
“OK” “Alright”
“Good morning” “Good morning”
And one last “Ni-Night”.
Early Wednesday morning March 27th, 2013 discovered Zack had died.
Zack was a Mitred Conure (Bright green body, red head and freckles.
Pet since (1979-1980?) 33-34 years (Reference materials suggest 20+ lifespan up to 35 years.)
Unknown age at time of purchase
Family: Psittacidae
Scientific name: Aratinga mitrata
Native: South America
Note: Quite loud. Sunrise and Sunset typically. Good Earthquake alarm also. lol
Originally had two Mitred Conures: Zack & Zeb, the later passed years ago in an outdoor aviary for unknown reasons.
Food: Seeds, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and select snacks.



Getting a nice warm bath (sitting at the bottom of the cage gets messy)




YEP, Zack was an interesting animal and although his squawking was at times quite anonying, I miss his daily chattering along with the wild birds already.
My best to you and yours,   Lew
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SO TRUE, SO TRUE …. and the wisdom of that expression actually encouraged extension of my recent blogging vacation!  LOL Seriously, it is very frustrating dealing
with self appointed wannabe community leaders who consistently interject
themselves into matters they obviously do not understand while simultaneously
misrepresenting the truth.  More on that later – let’s do happy stuff first.

BEEN A WHILE, HUH? No, ahh, actually I did not complete all the water irrigation projects during the last few months — but am very, very close. Three controllers and 12 automatic valves are operational so far. Heck, I’m almost looking forward to this Summer and putting them to work. No more forgetting to turn off ALL THE VALVES and wasting precious water. Yes, I know I’m getting too old for all this stuff but the future owners/residents sure will appreciate the upgrades.

THINGS ARE GOING GREAT AT YOUR LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT with General Manager Ralph Felix hitting the ground running and wasting no time in making improvements. Sure, there are still a few who attempt sabotage of the progress but they are merely bumps in the road to success and should be ignored as much as possible.

DO YOU REMEMBER my “thank you advertisement” in the Foothill Express newspaper after being elected? Well, that was over two years ago but the suggestion is still valid:

Thank you district voters,

I look forward to the work.

Be more involved with your CSD,

It surely could not hurt!

YOU KNOW, I do appreciate and truly admire ANYONE who sincerely attempts to assist their community however such an individual should take some time to educate themselves as to the facts before making public statements regarding an organization they advocate and profess to serve. Even if the activity is well-meant more harm than good is accomplished when incorrect information is distributed, especially by someone who claims to be a professional in regards to the subject matter.


I am sorry, but someone touting years of experience in the real estate business who repeatedly describes and advertises our Lake Don Pedro Owners Association (LDPOA) as an HOA (Home Owners Association) rather than a POA (Property Owners Association) – especially after being corrected as to its actual status, only demonstrates a lack of credibility. Unfortunately, that lack of credibility also reflects on any community which permits such misinformation to stand in the public realm without challenge and/or correction.


LDPOA members are not required to own a home to be members in good standing or utilize Association Common Interest property or facilities . An absentee owner’s property assessment is the same as a local homeowner’s assessment and both owners have the right to participate and vote in Association matters. The Davis-Stirling Act (California Civil Code) regulating Common Interest Developments applies to both an HOA and POA.

No matter how many times this particular person vocalizes at meetings, writes in letters and advertisements, or posts on multiple websites that the LDPOA is a Home Owners Association, it simply is not true. And once again this individual is absolutely wrong (about yet another subject), seemingly set on publically displaying their ignorance, and should really know better after living here for almost a decade and being in “the business”.

[But of course it could also be argued that I am displaying rather poor judgment myself by failing to heed the sage advice of Mr. Mark Twain. LOL]

Have a great Spring –

My best to you and yours, Lew


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Just wanted to take a quick break from my irrigation upgrade projects (line extensions and automatic timers) to congratulate newly elected Lake Don Pedro Community Services District Directors Danny Johnson, Chuck Day and Emery Ross.


My best to you and yours, Lew


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Well the Limbockers are leading the revised campaign of intentionally disrupting LDPCSD Board Meetings with their complaints about this website. They just don’t get it – an individual’s constitutional right to free speech on their own time/dime is not a business issue under the jurisdiction of the Community Services District Board of Directors.

Mr. Calvin Limbocker during Public Comment started right off complaining about what I post on this website (despite the ground rules clearly being read before Public Comment) but when I gaveled him, advised he was out of order and commenting on things that were not business of the district – he just continued (with vocal support from the SO-GOSIP). I requested a Deputy Sheriff be called. These people have absolutely no respect for meeting decorum. I recessed the meeting but Calvin “Doug” Limbocker continued on for almost 10 minutes (7 minutes past the normal 3 minute time limit. Even Mrs. Limbocker told him he was going over time but he said he didn’t care.) Once he finished his rambling “gripe session” of canned material some in the audience encouraged that I continue with the meeting but as soon as I reconvened Julie Limbocker started up and continued with her emotional rants with the same disregard for the rules. I requested they leave the board room but they refused.

You know, every meeting we repeat the Pledge of Allegiance but some of these “attendees” obviously do not comprehend the basic principles of our government.

The Limbockers (just like their supporting SO-GOSIP) go on, and on, and on about the grand jury’s comments regarding this blog but completely ignore and refuse to acknowledge our attorney’s response – for the second year in a row. This little group of chronic special interest disrupters hi-jacked yet another meeting with their inappropriate complaints about being exposed for the corrupt and disingenuous individuals they are, pure and simple. They do not want others to be aware of their nefarious activities and misrepresentations of the truth because that’s all they have going for them.

For those of you who have not read our attorney’s response to the Grand Jury concerning this website, here it is:

“The “blog” issue is a non-issue because no one is forced to read the “blog,” the “blog” is protected speech under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is also protected speech under the California Constitution, the phrase “blog by Board Members that do not support district interests” is vague and ambiguous with respect to “district interests” [e.g., according to whom?], and the Grand Jury has no authority to interfere with the exercise of constitutional rights.”


Once the Mariposa County Deputy Sheriffs arrived (not the police department as Julie Limbocker later wrote) he interviewed the SO-GOSIP in the parking lot then came into the board room for the other side of the story. Ultimately it was decided (Directors Ross and Skoien saw no problem with the Limbocker’s conduct – in fact seemed to enjoy the whole show) the Limbockers had already expressed what they wanted and agreed to behave. The Limbockers sat quietly in the audience only whispering to one another occasionally. Here’s the kicker, Calvin Limbocker had the following placed on the meeting agenda:

l. Advisory Committee: Request by Calvin Limbocker – The Board to consider establishing a Community Advisory Committee,

Yet both Calvin and Julie Limbocker had already left the meeting before the item was called. They waste everyone’s time and energy playing their little games of being community leaders.


Here’s another interesting piece of information that occurred at the meeting. I’ve been trying for two years to get some of our District’s founding documents but “others” have prevented this acquisition. Why on Earth would “they” refuse to have in our office the Public Utilities Commission paperwork transferring Sierra Highlands Water Company’s facilities and assets to the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District? I have obtained one part of the material but not all the exhibits and maps referenced in the document. One director thought the copying costs might be too expensive and Emery Ross of course has always been against having any information regarding the outside Merced Irrigation District Place of Use issue. His neighbor and best friend Mark Skoien supports whatever Emery wants. But why? Is it because Mr. Ross is part of that <1% of our customer base and has always protected his cattle ranching business that is operated with chlorinated water from the district which was intended for domestic residential consumption?

LDPCSD +$10,000 (Plus materials and installation costs) INFORMATIONAL SIGN

Years ago a former GM purchased a sign and had it installed in front of the administration office so announcements could be viewed by passing traffic. The slight illumination at night and during inclement weather was also advantageous in locating the circular driveway serving the billing drop box. Unfortunately it was not installed according to county regulations and was subsequently removed and stored. A few months ago I became aware that the Mariposa County Planning Department was holding public hearings and workshops to update the General Plan and County sign ordinances for later approval by the County Board of Supervisors.

I attended a meeting and explained the circumstances of our informational sign and questioned if there was any way we could legally have the sign re-installed. When IGM John Turner was hired I explained the matter to him and he immediately became involved with Planning Department workshops in Mariposa. After John left I attended two other meetings, one Planning Commission the other, Board of Supervisors with the same request. Yesterday after reporting to the audience that there is a very good chance CSD might be able to reinstall the sign after the first of the year (will require a building permit for existing concrete foundation), Emery Ross stated I had no Board authorization to attend those meetings inferring it was somehow an abuse of director responsibility and inappropriate. Unbelievable – I am still a citizen of Mariposa County and this Don Pedro community. Ross sits on his fanny doing nothing but protecting his own special cattle ranching interests but when somebody else is actually working for the district Ross complains. By the way, I did not receive one penny from the district for the multiple trips to Mariposa and hours I sat in board meetings. This was done on my own time in service to this district and community. [Incidentally, Sarah Williams, Mariposa County Planning Director and Damon Golubics, the Senior Planner along with the County Board of Supervisors, naturally, have all been very understanding concerning this matter.]



You know, I would enjoy debating ANY OF THESE PEOPLE (Limbockers & the SO-GOSIP) as to the facts and truth of any matter relating to this district but the problem is they just “turn up the volume”, shout down adversaries, misrepresent facts, and interrupt if they don’t care for what someone else says. They complain that they disagree with my perspective but the only thing they appear to disagree with is my right to FREE SPEECH concerning their counterproductive activities. They try to prevent me from voicing my personal opinion on my own website – imagine that. So unable to adequately express themselves (stand on their own merits) in other venues (ie, the youtube attack by Julie Limbocker and the Cal & Julie Limbocker Show) they now resume the traditional technique of disrupting our CSD business meetings with their “cry baby” antics and charges of unfair treatment. How does the Grand Jury expect our CSD to clean up our operations when sitting directors on the board encourage, condone, and dismiss the seriousness of such intentional disruptions?

There is no “potential danger” regarding these people – THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS and committed to maintaining the dysfunctional status quo of your Community Services District.


My best to you and yours, Lew


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Although cognizant I am lowering myself by responding to the outrageous disinformation posted by Cal and Julie Limbocker (who apparently do not have much credibility in this area anyway), it is just too irresistible in illustrating exactly what sort of people they are and how (in my opinion) they were the primary players in forcing the resignation of our previous IGM with falsehoods.


[I also believe someone like Paul Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933-1945, would have been proud of the LIMBOCKER’s  attempt to sway those ignorant of the truth with BIG LIES TOLD OFTEN.    Did you know one of Goebbels first acts was the burning of books and totalitarian control over the media, arts, and information in Germany and like Hitler, Goebbels along with his wife killed their six young children and then committed suicide in order to escape justice?]


Heck if the LIMBOCKERS are going to all this trouble of teeing a ball up in an attempt to distort the truth again, I will simply hit another homerun illustrating their consistent lack of integrity and/or unfortunate reading comprehension deficiencies.   Truly, Julie Limbocker should be a “poster adult” for the educational failure in America because she obviously cannot understand the meaning of basic written English.  (And there would be nothing wrong with that except for the fact she spreads disinformation in public forums while attempting to influence those without the facts.)


Naturally the SO-GOSIP [Same Old Group Of Special Interest People] will characterize my pointing out the Limbocker’s reprehensible activities as “slamming” or “blasting” them.   When did clarifying the truth with written evidence become a bad thing?    The Limbockers support Emery Ross and Mark Skoien to be re-elected and will use whatever unsavory, illegal, or immoral techniques available to them.  That is interesting considering some of the “whoppers” Emery Ross and Mark Skoien have told.


The Limbockers have completely distorted a blog I wrote in July regarding the value and bravery in protesting illegal and immoral behavior of governments and even incorporated the song by STING- “Gueca Solo” or “They Dance Alone” as an example of the atrocities committed in Chile under the Pinochet regime.  (No, Julie, Chile is a country in this case, not something you crumble crackers over – lol)  I’ll provide the link because the music and lyrics are quite powerful.

Anyway, the Limbockers quoted a question in my blog, inserted “their nonsense filler”, then substituted a different sentence of mine from another part of the paragraph as my  alleged answer.   (Pretty sneaky there – shame, shame, shame) The Limbockers cheat and lie and see nothing wrong with such behavior, pure and simple.  What is more, that blog posting regarded a restrictive government attacking those who blog – not those who read and complain about the truth.   Good Heavens!  No wonder Julie was so upset about the video on youtube, she simply could not comprehend the intended meaning.  (This honestly makes me wonder if I am inappropriately arguing with a person of diminished mental capacity, if so, I do truly apologize.  That has never been my intent and I was unaware of the disability – if it exists.)

Without further ado, here’s the most recent contribution from the CAL & JULIE LIMBOCKER SHOW:


In response to Mr. Richardsons comments and accusations. First I would like to say something positive about Mr. Richardson… He appears to really love Hawks….and I dont know if that extends out to other animals or living things but, as an animal lover, I do admire that in a person. I hope I am not wrong but, if not, that is an admirable quality. However, I (we) are wondering why you are you so hostile about things in relation to your own community and fellow citizens…aka people.  Why is it that we cannot speak at the Board meeting without undue criticism, negative blogging and about issues unrelated to the community???  I mean, does anyone really care about our wedding date, R.E. licensing…whether someone is active or inactive (LFRO status)?  Does anyone really care about the an old corporation?  Does anyone really care about any of that stuff?  Lew, you have given many people a lot of power in your comments.  Why do do you just not understand that you hold a public position?…one that exposes you to political comments? …and one that is held to a higher standard in relation to the public?  However, as a citizen, we are your customers….and should respected as people who have a “voice” in this community.  Why does that intimidate you so much?

Also, what is meant by your comment in relation to your question as follows?  You stated, What can possibly be done to help those who claim to be injured by information posted on to which they voluntarily access?  Since I am not an attorney, I will not respond in a legal sense.  However, I would like to address your statement in response to that question, in your last comment, you said, “PERHAPS KILL THEM ALL AND TRUST HISTORY TO DECIDE WHICH SIDE WAS VALID AND BASED ON TRUTH” We all know there are many incidents that happen in our society where we wish we had taken comments more seriously or had hindsight……Hmmm….that sounds pretty violent to me…

And, regarding a few other blogs …..very very questionable.  I wont attempt to explain my reason for reading them….but I will summarize it as my right in my ability to protect myself. In my opinion, you are a scary person…who has a potential for being dangerous.  That concerns me.  However, I will hold my comments on that issue for now….

FYI for anyone reading this….the comment I am referring to was taken directly  from Mr. Richardsons Blog in response to his comments about people who complain about the blog…where HE also makes  the following comment and question, “why not enforce necessary laws that haven’t been passed yet and JUST DISPATCH ANY RESISTANCE WITH A SPECIAL WEAPONS ASSAULT TEAM”……In the same paragraph.


SO the LIMBOCKER’s “chopped up, reorganized, and distorted” the original material I posted and now want their unsuspecting readers to believe I wrote:

“What can possibly be done to help those who claim to be injured by information posted on LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG to which they themselves voluntarily access? Perhaps kill them all and trust history to decide which side was valid and based on truth.”

THE LIMBOCKERS ARE VERY NASTY AND DECEITFUL PEOPLE and after hearing on August 20th at the Board Meeting how Mr. Limbocker publically admitted to intentionally manipulating his granddaughter and making her “feel guilty as hell”, well , although I feel very sorry for that young woman I personally am suspect of ANYTHING that “intentionally guilt ridden juvenile” might state when so obviously prodded by such grandparents.

Below is a portion of the blog posting “THEY DANCE ALONE” where Cal & Julie LIMBOCKER decided to misrepresent the truth using sentences from the blue font paragraph.




How much less informed and “questioning of authority” would this country be if such shows as “Laugh-In”, “Saturday Night Live”, and The Smother Brothers were never presented for public exposure? If musicians like Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Sting, Weird Al Yankovic, to name only a few, were censored and not allowed to perform their perspectives? What about comedians like Lenny Bruce or George Carlin? The list is unimaginable and as always, the audiences vary due to individual likes and dislikes.

LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG is nothing in comparison to such historically important influences on our society and resulting ways of thinking but is grounded in the same principles: public expression of personal opinions, perspectives, beliefs and causes. Some will get it, others won’t.

QUESTION: What can possibly be done to help those who claim to be injured by information posted on LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG to which they themselves voluntarily access? If they have no self-control maybe imposition of severe fines and penalties against the offending blogger might work? Better yet, why not enforce necessary laws that haven’t been passed yet and just dispatch any resistance with a special weapons assault team? (This is really not so funny when you consider that is exactly how matters like this are often handled in some other countries.) The problem may appear to be immediately solved, but it is only a temporary solution until the next person begins asking questions and “Speaking their mind” to others. Perhaps kill them all and trust history to decide which side was valid and based on truth?


Notice the “severe fines and penalties”, “enforcing laws not passed”, and “special weapons assault team” actually targets the “offending blogger”, not the readers of material that I post.  Come on Julie, wake up!  You have repeatedly complained about my blogging, therefore: I am the “offending blogger”.  Can’t you grasp that I was referring to myself and others who stand up and speak truth against dishonest people like you?  John Turner was absolutely correct when he pointed out you are a very judgmental person who doesn’t take the time to research and understand that which you continually and incorrectly complain.  If anyone “flies off the handle” it is Julie Limbocker and company.

You know, Calvin and Julie LIMBOCKER have been wrong many times and on so many levels I must seriously question the character of ANYONE who would believe or support their continuing nonsense.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: TO Cal & Julie Limbocker…..enroll in some adult reading comprehension classes, or, in the alternative, stop lying in an attempt to make people think you know who is best qualified in representing the water interests of this community.  You talk but don’t know squat.


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