YUP, after posting the PUBLIC COMMENT for the Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 meeting I reconsidered the potential importance of something that has happened far too many times at the LAKE DON PEDRO CSD….and is very frustrating…..our Board Meetings starting late.


Speaking of late….if I missed any corrections to the referenced “yesterday’s post” it is due to the fact the following clip took over 9-1/2 hours to upload!  NO FRACK’N JOKE!   Seriously, started at 1400 – went outside and did some weed eating, came back at 1700hrs/27% done; 1900hrs/51%; 2100hrs/62%; 2330hrs/84% then sometime after 2330hrs last night the upload finally finished!

Need to find out what the trouble is though I suspicion it is just the slow internet upload/download speed since an inquiry reported “unknown errors” on “their side” of the problem.  Just heavy traffic?

ANYWAY, even though the CSD audience may be small (as Wes Barton pointed out – still no excuse) there is certainly a lack of respect by management for the customer’s time when meetings are not started promptly at the agenda noticed time.  (Much less discussing subjects whose information the “mandatory customers of the subdivision” have a right to know but are being purposefully kept ignorant.)


If the public can make the effort to be on time and prepared for meetings (as best they can with when, and with what information they are begrudgingly provided) so should our paid management company president and LDPCSD appointed General Manager PETER KAMPA.

I generally arrive early so I can set up the cameras, tripods and the small Olympus digital audio recorder which often involves the technical operation of duct taping the recorder to one of the tripods.   Lol  This also provides some time to number agenda pages, make notes, and generally organize paperwork for the meeting.

Anyway, I am prepared at the noticed start time but most often we all must wait for President Danny Johnson to formally announce the beginning of the late starting meeting.  Folks will be talking about one thing or another (storm damage and water runoff a recent topic) when suddenly and without pre notification or fanfare Johnson will quickly call the meeting to order which of course does not provide adequate time to start the camera or recorder.  Gosh, almost like he was purposefully trying to catch me off guard?  lol But possibly just pushing through their lateness.

Once again I had to quickly interrupt and call Board President Johnson on the matter in order to turn on the recorder and capture his traditional late meeting start and typical reference to the well known slow clock (?) in the board room THAT IS ALSO NEVER REPAIRED OR REPLACED…..hint hint.  lol

Sometimes, even when the GM may be on the premises, everyone (that’s the large group of 3-4 customers who masochistically regularly attend) still must wait past the noticed meeting start time for copies of the GM’s report or other materials for meeting handout.  So many copies to provide huh?  (Must also consider the time in producing the “fake”, “incorrect”, and/or “distraction” copies that always seem to pop up.)

WHY NOT CONTAINED WITH THE OTHER MATERIAL?  (Obvious answer: running late but is that the only reason?)

I have never cared much for KAMPA’s style of agenda preparation and delivery believing whatever is deserving of being on the agenda for discussion and/or action (that’s another joke entirely) should also be in the agenda packet with everything else in a timely manner permitting adequate time to study and prepare for the meeting.   This would of course include chronological page numbering to assist in locating items during meeting discussion BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY to help insure any potential “post meeting manipulation”of material is greatly reduced.

Kampa obviously prefers the “SURPRISE GOT-YA INFORMATION TECHNIQUE” which is just one more trick in his bag to keep the public uninformed, ill prepared and “off guard” for whatever his current sneaky and deceitful little plan might be or involve.

There’s always an excuse of some sort for these late meetings but the far majority seem to revolve around waiting on an unprepared General Manager – this time to set up equipment for his presentation. (Which as you will see after the audio clip below, could have just as easily been handed out for reading, study and later discussion.)


Had Kampa arrived early like everyone else setting up our respective equipment would have gone much easier without subsequent rearrangement during the meeting as the president smoothly announced yet another meeting procedural change that doesn’t make sense.

Funny how Johnson says our district is now going to conduct our meetings like the one he observed the night before (the Dollar General hearing decision by the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors – they approved store construction).

OK, but why always “picking and choosing” which regulations you want to follow?   The LDPCSD restricted PUBLIC COMMENT even further with NEW POLICY when your INTENTIONAL VIOLATIONS WERE POINTED OUT.  How about instituting the other policies and procedures those county meetings also utilize?  Hey Danny!  Have you ever read the Minutes of the Board of Supervisors which with detail contain public comments with the names of the speakers?  Often very lengthy comments by many concerned citizens.  OHhhhh, but we can’t do that in Lake Don Pedro due to the time and energy required for such a massive audience crowds of 2 or 3 customers?  Who may or may not speak for the entire 3 minutes?  Very disingenuous – you obey only the procedures that benefit K&K; change them  if they don’t; and then have the audacity to claim  you are attempting to make the process better for the district and more responsive to the community. No wonder you were so involved in bringing Kampa back – you have common motives and methods of operation.

Do you seriously scratch your head and wonder why only 2-3 people attend meetings?

Are you dismayed at the thought some might even harbor contempt for your self serving procedures?


As mentioned later in the clip, it really is a shame that Kampa & Kompany betrayed the legal Merced River Water using customers of the MERCED RIVER WATER entitled subdivision.  Kampa and his co-conspirators have alienated customers and perhaps closed minds to otherwise interesting and informative material about how their COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK.

Is it a surprise if someone, or some entity, has betrayed the confidence of another – and generally treated them like a mushroom ie, “KEPT IN THE DARK AND FED BULLSHIT”,  that those “mushroom people” would have a far more difficult time in trusting ANYTHING ELSE that person or entity might later offer as the truth?   aka, “screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me”


Gosh, with everything Kampa & Kompany has done, is doing, and plans to do…..it’s almost like they do not genuinely want customers to attend meetings.  Hmmmm. Could it be that customers might be considered more like WITNESSES TO DUBIOUS K&K ACTIVITY – and therefore less access to information is better?

NEXT TIME LET US ATTEMPT A ONE ITEM AGENDA AND SEE HOW THAT GOES – (Probably late like all the rest!  lol)

Even a management designed simple two item agenda cannot be presented or conducted as noticed without major problems – yet Kampa continually refuses to permit customers to place other pertinent topics on a meeting agenda for discussion.   Perhaps he is apprehensive of the resulting discussions that would likely take place and actually shed light on his true motivations for being the GM of the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District?  Especially considering his well documented past employment activities with the LDPCSD and how he was appointed in October of  2014.

I digress.  (Besides, you might have already heard some of this……LOL!)  [But there is SO MUCH MORE]

The two item agenda was listed as:

a) Presentation and acceptance of the annual audit of the district’ financial statements for the 2015/2016 fiscal year, and

b) Educational presentation covering the District finances and related requirements, standards and policies as well as detailed review of the monthly Treasurer’s Report.

ITEM b (Kampa’s presentation) was presented first after confirming the boardroom clock was still slow.



PHOTOS of the information presented on the wall of the boardroom:


My best to you and yours, Lew

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