Item 5a: Conduct the annual Board reorganization to include the appointment of the office of President and Vice-President.

Both Danny Johnson and Dan Hankemeier retain their previous positions as Board President and Board Vice President, respectively.  VP Hankemeier requested the Board Secretary to republish all the committees and members involved for future reference.

Personally I believe both Director Emery Ross and Board President Danny Johnson should remain on the Board of Directors for as long as PETER KAMPA remains as the General Manager.  I believe this because they are the only two directors remaining from the original board that orchestrated PETER KAMPA’s return to the LDPCSD to create the groundwater substitution program for land developers outside the legal Place of Use under water license 11395 and should “ride out” what they have created.

5b: Adoption of a Resolution approving a formal response letter to the State Water Resources Control Board opposing adoption of the Bay Delta Substitute Environmental Document.

Board President Johnson stated the information was between agenda pages 39 and 44 that has been previously discussed quite a bit in GM Kampa’s report and asked the board for a first motion.  VP Hankemeier made the first and Director Jim Sult seconded the motion which opened the issue to further discussion by directors prior to the opportunity for public comment.

Director Russell Warren questioned whether at some point after sending this document down the road (District’s support of the Merced Irrigation District’s  S.A.F.E. Plan (Salmon, Agriculture, Flows and Environment) which opposes the SWRCB’s proposal for greater water releases from Lake McClure) would our district have to eventually write a check?

GM Kampa stated the district would be asked (for financial support) when the time comes for the filing of the law suit which will be massive and represented by many water districts.   Kampa advised about every environment group will be suing for one reason or another and will be hung up for a while.  President Danny Johnson commented on a law suit with which he was personally familiar regarding the Friant Kern Dam which lasted over 25 years.

Yours truly, Lew Richardson, commented that the resolution appeared to only authorize the writing of a formal protest letter (which was director affirmed) and not authorization to send the one attached in the agenda packet, yet I was advised it was the letter to be sent to the SWRCB.  I suggested a number of corrections needed to be made first.

I do not have video of this part of the meeting but always an audio recording, so rather than just report on what was said, here is the audio portion of that discussion and the documents being discussed so I do not accidentally fail to properly represent what transpired. 

I must also again apologize to viewers for my vocal outbursts but it is so fracking frustrating to observe this same deceitful pattern of behavior by our alleged professional general manager who misrepresents facts to the Board of Directors, the public, and other government departments and agencies.

Since the referenced documents were too difficult to read on the “audio/video” I’ll post them here also.   Sorry for my meeting scribbles as well. -lol)




Now the audio (in a video format)


My best to you and yours, Lew



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