The official recording was either started late, or cut off somehow, as there was no date, time, agency title or purpose of meeting announcement at the beginning – again.   The recording begins with Board President Danny Johnson stating Board members and staff were present but operations supervisor Randy Gilgo had stepped out for a moment but would be back.  Johnson then conducted the Pledge of Allegiance.   

Hey, let’s try something, instead of long exhausting videos, how about a mix of short audio/video clips with assorted other LAME STUFF along with written postings? The A/V sucks a tremendous amount of disk space and is time consuming but I believe worthy of keeping for future reference as there is much more to this than has been reported – by anyone thus far.

Besides, I really need to practice working with these audio/video programs.  The district can destroy meeting recordings after 30 days (along with other documents) but audio/video of their activities is pretty compelling evidence of what has transpired over the last few years.

Heck, it might even make a decent documentary of how a rural foothill public agency in the form of a COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT (CSD) [special district: as in CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA)] split between two counties can essentially be privatized for third party private land developer benefit through the suspicious efforts of co-operating elected and appointed local resident directors. Directors who obviously refused to learn and consider our district’s factual history but instead allowed it to be incorrectly explained to them by a former rogue employee who actually set up many of these PROBLEM LAFCO ANNEXATIONS 20 years earlier without board authorization or direction!

Oh yeah, almost forgot….. and appointed general manager and board treasurer, given access to over one million dollars in cash without even a basic background check! Not even of his prior employment with the LDPCSD – which in itself was EXTREMELY REVEALING AS TO HIS UNETHICAL PRIOR EMPLOYMENT ACTIVITIES!

Who knows? Perhaps all that was supposedly to have disappeared as a result of the destruction of the administration office by arson 7 years ago on February 27th, 2012?

Yup, board members who INTENTIONALLY refused to display a modicum of responsibility concerning issues like double checking the legality (or instructing GM to) of proposed district actions with appropriate State authorities PRIOR to signing off on such major managerial and operational changes negatively affecting the 99% of legal customers located within the residential subdivision.

Special interest decisions benefiting outside water license service area property owners with LAFCO ANNEXED LAND yet negatively affecting the thousands of legal customers owning property in the WATER ENTITLED Davis-Sterling ACT (California Civil Code), Common Interest Development, Property Owners Association governed, Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision with CC&Rs (Covenants, Codes and Conditions) attached to the title of their property regulating property use for perpetuity!

MR WECS (Merced River Water Entitled Customers of the subdivision) are not only entitled to that Merced River water, but have paid for it dearly already in many ways for decades and will continue to for perpetuity, whereas LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES do not have those same legal obligations, responsibilities, and property restrictions.

Yeah, I know, blah, blah, blah……broken record syndrome ….

Anyway, here’s the beginning of the meeting…..

My best to you and yours, Lew

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