Although YouTube would likely permit the following little song, since they did remove a LAME for content a short time time ago, well, I just don’t feel comfortable using their CENSORED PLATFORM for any new offerings of “Lew’s Almost Music Expression”. None of them are important anyway as I am only one of millions of citizens within this country who have had their Constitutional Rights denied compliments of obvious election fraud and ballot manipulation conducted by elements of the Democrat party and their leftist supporters in the private sector.

What is done is done but I am not comfortable continuing with such an Anti-American organization and philosophy where a PRIVATE COMPANY can censor such publicly presented material but hey, after all, it is their their private platform so the US CONSTITUTION does not apply. OK.

Since I do not have the server space like YouTube for the large video/audio file, please accept only the lyrics. (Heck there’s always a silver lining, yeah? ……look at the bright side of this ANTI-AMERICAN CENSORSHIP by private corporations – your imagined music is no doubt better than what I was going to present using YouTube anyway! lol)

Sick of watching TV news
Long needles stuck in arms
To prevent infection
And COVID related harm

Even as a small child
Never cared much to watch
Going to get stuck anyway
I saw what silver tray brought

Then that sterile alcohol smell
A cold wet wipe or swab
Any moment I would feel ….
Yeeow! “All done – it’s over – good job”

Not bad at all I’ve thought for decades
That whole needle must not go in
But thanks to COVID news videos
As an old man now watch and cringe.

Up to the hilt that slender spike
A rubber bumper stops the drill
Can no longer ignore or just pretend
It’s ALL THE WAY IN for real!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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