Yes, I know and apologize – the photos are a bit out of focus but they were the best out of MANY ATTEMPTS.  Just holding the digital camera up to the telescope lens, aligning the image, adjusting the camera to the best zoom setting, taking a deep breath, trying to remain still and hoping for the best apparently isn’t enough – LOL.  The clarity through the telescope (especially with a more powerful eye piece) provides a “ring side seat” into the nest environment without interrupting the “nature of it all”.   Lizard and snake skin, fur from rodents, bones, types of branches used in nest construction, etc.,  all much easier to discern with the scope rather than binoculars.

BELOW: Mom and Dad are both out hunting for the next meal leaving the eyases to explore the nest.

[Below] The larger chick stands up for a better look and to evidently speak its mind.  Perhaps impatient with the wait for a snack?    Unfortunately, this is also the stance it uses before suddenly turning and taking a whack at its nest mate.  POW!  Right in the head with a well placed peck.  Sometimes it will take a bite and violently shake the other’s neck.  Tough nest but all part of nature and learning to survive I guess.  (Even when the parents are present they seem oblivious to the rough-housing.)

“See anything yet?”  Watching for the folks.

(BELOW) Occassionally one of the little guys will step up to the top edge of the nest and slowly exercise their forming wings.  Cute, but made us a bit nervous wondering how often one of these balls of fluff gets too carried away and accidently falls out?   The chick in the foreground (looking right into camera) is the one that gets “pecked on” by its slightly larger sibbling.  


VIDEO: Here’s a short video I shot when a Harley Davidson passed by and Mr. Hawk seemed to follow the bike down the road – likely to snag some unsuspecting mouse or lizard frighted by the movement and noise.   (Like when Owls hunt along side roads at night by vehicle headlights?)

Ahhh, Spring.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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