The last few weeks have been kind of tough

Regarding geriatric pets

First the loss of Zack the Conure

And now Comet the white compound cat.


Just like the astronomical entity

A dirty snowball she could be

Her bright white fur and waving long tail

Picking up environmental debris


She wasn’t purchased at a pet store

Or picked out from a litter with care

Just showed up one morning at my parent’s house

Meowing for food with “that stare”


The poor little thing was covered with mites

Fleas and other parasites

She fell sound asleep as we cleaned her up

Total surrender without any fight


That tiny fur ball didn’t stand a chance

In a family of established canines

So up to Don Pedro to a fenced hillside lot

The best home as if by design


Every few days I would check on Comet

Her activities clearly defined

Gopher heads and lizard tails

Her trophies in a neat little line


When camping out Comet would sleep

Purring through the night by my side

But in the morning she was always found

Inside the warm sleeping bag


When I finally moved up to Don Pedro

I was greeted by my resident cat

Who, with no doubt, was doing quite well

Judging by the layers of fat


Once for a month she was missing

We called and searched in vain

The worst part was not knowing her fate

If deceased or suffering in pain.


But then on a warm sunny afternoon

Just as quickly as she’d gone away

There was my malnourished Comet

And she had much to convey


Judging by the grease all over her fur

And the time to took to come home

Perhaps an accidental ride she had hitched

After which she never did roam


Comet had several homes built outside

Even a catwalk from the deck to the roof

She preferred her outdoors to being inside

Sometimes appearing aloof


Comet’s exact age was hard to determine

At minimum over fourteen for sure

And to my surprise after a lifetime of dogs

My love for that cat does endure


So here’s to Comet the compound cat

Who survived Rattlesnakes, Coyotes and Owls

Although she is gone, in my heart she still lives

With that comforting sound of me-ow.


Comet was being treated for a sinus infection when it was discovered she had terminal cancer which had already caused severe internal damage. She was euthanized on April 16th, 2013 and buried next to Zack, who like a beacon, probably “squawked” directions home during her 28 day disappearance.




My best to you and yours, Lew

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