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January 20th, 2017

Congratulations President Trump and Vice President Pence!  You got it, now use it to Make America Great Again.

A special congratulations to the Citizens of these United States of America because whether you individually appreciate it now or not, good things are going to be happening for all of us.

America and her citizens first?  What a long over due concept – for without such direction and dedication there would be no USA!  Yup, a long over due position for those who represent the citizens of this country.   And for those cry baby elected officials who boycotted the event…I believe their names, positions, and photographs should be widely publicized for easy voter identification.   Enough said.


Well, Lake Don Pedro is getting pounded again with rain and high winds.  I can see one of my smaller pines has gone over a bit.  So long as the tap root is not destroyed it may be able to re-root in Spring and survive.  You know, some landscapers intentionally tie and brace trees to get that “weather beaten look” as they grow older.   Certainly not necessary here – a free natural service.  lol

Sure wish I could capture more of this water.  Look at McClure’s lake level – record setting for this time of year and we sure will appreciate it later with the inevitable irrigation season and routine environmental releases.   Catch it when plentiful and use it wisely when scarce. 

Oh, the meeting last Wednesday was OK, but unfortunately pretty much unfolded just as the agenda hinted:  another lecture by GM Kampa about things that could have easily been produced in written form (rather than a running narrative slide show) and provided to those interested for reading later.  As is usually the case, customer and former board president Wes Barton reiterated his serious questions regarding District financial matters which he has been requesting answers to for several months….if not over a year, without success.  What the heck is going on here?  Even the Board of Directors has voiced the opinion these questions should be answered once and for all.  Unbelievable.

Something is very wrong and I wonder if it revolves around the apparent misrepresentation and misappropriation of government grant money to expand water service outside the Place of Use with groundwater wells (that “alternate source of water” for the groundwater substitution program to replace MERCED RIVER WATER that wrongfully leaves the legal service area under water license 11395).  That grant money was intended to be used to the benefit of existing water using customers during the extended drought and not for expanding water service.  But who knows without honest answers to repeated questions?

I guess that is the most frustrating part about attending such meetings (like this last one) …serious legitimate questions are routinely ignored by management in favor of another installment in the Uncle Pete lecture series on how to burn precious meeting time without accepting responsibility for that already done.   District staff and personnel out numbered the audience again, this time 3:1.   (There were nine District representatives and three customers in the audience.)  No wonder such “distraction motivated” meetings are tolerated – who apparently cares?   Seriously.  Why on earth would management voluntarily discuss or explain issues that will likely only upset and financially harm paying customers when that bitter reality can be conveniently postponed with the utilization of another Kampa “cool the mark” meeting lecture?   (That isn’t to say the operational information presented was worthless, but just far less important than honest factual answers to festering financial questions.)

Well, need to get back to checking for wind damage, just wanted to say hey. later.

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