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{Sing along with imagined music to “Frosty the Snowman” –

a lot better than what I would have slapped together and thrown out!   lol}



“Costly the GM”

Is a very special man

From the tailored shirts

And POU maps that hurt

He returned to the SO GOSIP* band.

“Costly the GM”

Had a twenty year old plan

Though it didn’t work then

Thought he’d try again

Providing water for his LAFCO lands.

“Costly the GM”

Still refuses to obey the law

Claims it’s not fair

Without water there

Sure appears something’s stuck in his craw.

“Costly the GM”

With a history of stretching truth

He misrepresents

Then claims innocence

But the documents provide the proof.

“Costly the GM”

Will never admit the scam

For he is not dumb

And this district he’ll run

Straight into this drought plagued land.




*Same Old Group Of Special Interest People  (SO GOSIP)


My best to you and yours, Lew

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