Oh no I hope not!  (lol)

Did they hear about a documented history of misrepresenting pertinent LDPCSD information to county, state and federal government entities in pursuit of the district expansion “Sneaky Pete Kampa” and his co-conspirators have wanted for decades?

What about the possible inability to tell the truth because of numerous “behind the scene” self serving negotiations with thirsty third party land developers outside the Merced Irrigation District Place of Use under WL11395?

Any information at all about KAMPA’s diabolical plan of dumping the financial burden and responsibility for an expensive GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM (required to provide this special benefit water service to land developers outside the MIDPOU) for perpetuity on the 99% of innocent and MANDATORY CSD CUSTOMERS who are entitled users of MERCED RIVER WATER in the Lake Don Pedro subdivision?

Perhaps a few off-handed derogatory observations as to how such a touted long time professional district manager seems to always be in violation of clearly established regulations regarding his GM and Board Treasurer responsibilities?

Maybe a quip that much of his “management activity” appears to only be a continuation of what he was doing 20 years ago when first beginning his infamous water career in Lake Don Pedro?

What about being brought back to LDP just in time to utilize the FAT PURSE of $1.1 Million the District had saved after near bankruptcy so he could drive the final coffin nails into his GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM for outside MIDPOU properties?

Or a choice word or two about the fact our DISTRICT HAS NEVER HAD A LEGAL DUTY TO SERVE WATER TO SUCH OMIDPOU PROPERTIES?  Which of course was also relevant 20 years ago during Pete Kampa’s first four year employment with the LDPCSD when he advocated and participated in such massive expansion?

Any harsh opinions regarding KAMPA’s ridiculous defense that he really DIDN’T UNDERSTAND THE OUTSIDE MIDPOU ISSUE during his first tour of employment despite working with a local well-known icon FOR EXPANSION OUTSIDE THE POU?

Anything about how this phony (or corrupt) professional manager (with “hands-on” past local experience) recently pretended at a monthly Board Meeting to be completely ignorant of the LDPCSD’s 17+ year responsibility to FAX a MONTHLY DETAILED MERCED RIVER WATER COMPLIANCE REPORT to the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT, holder of WL11395?

What about the fact that Outside MIDPOU report which was traditionally included in the Agenda Packet was discontinued when Kampa took over, but sporadically brought back after complaints regarding its removal?



Any audio notes to myself on my own recorder (regardless of possible INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE which may, or may not, have been used to express personal thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc.) were private and had been, and were recorded for, MY USE ONLY AND NEVER EXPECTED TO BE SHARED WITH ANYONE ELSE without my expressed permission or consent.  Is that unreasonable?

YES VIEWERS… I realize just “jumping into this” you may be a bit confused so let’s start from the very beginning shall we?  I had the distinction of being the first baby born in a new military base hospital in the mid-western state of  –  ok….maybe not that “very beginning'”…. (lol)


Yup, I accidentally left my Olympus digital recorder sitting in the Board Room after recording the monthly regular meeting.   Perhaps I need a string taped to the unit with the other end securely tied around my waist?  Maybe an arm, leg or finger?  I’VE GOT IT!  Tongue!  Might even be of assistance in curbing some of the blah blah blah, yeah?


I’ve tried balancing that recorder on one of my two camera tripods but inevitably bump it and to the floor it goes.  Viewers have heard this annoying outcome a few times on both the video audio and the good ‘ol Ollie digital as it bounced and tumbled on the boardroom floor.  Fortunately the impact of the jolt is softened by the carpet and no damage has ever been detected.  Finding the right spot for the meeting recording is challenging.  Need to keep it close, yet in a decent position to catch the audio of the entire room.  Does quite well considering its size and cost.

I tried taping the unit to one of my tripods a few times (even tried at this last meeting) but due to the mini-recorder’s size that option is unacceptable.  First because the tape ends up covering, or interfering with the operation of that cluster of function buttons packed so close together on the front face, blocks the led function screen, and another drawback is that it leaves sticky adhesive behind on the recorder – again not very helpful with small sensitive buttons.  (More than once I’ve had to meticulously clean the exterior surface with cotton swabs and alcohol afterwards to prevent function keys from gooing up and sticking).


The reflective tape I placed on it really only helps if looking for it in the dark with a flashlight – like when forgotten while recording miscellaneous outdoor sounds, ie, weather, animals, equipment, etc.  More than once it’s been abandoned overnight sitting on a rock, tree branch, or piece of lumber while capturing the choir performance of frogs, crickets, owls, coyotes, etc.


Naturally when I first set up in the area of a desired audio acquisition all the sound I’m trying to capture suddenly stops due to my presence requiring me to either remain still and quiet for a few minutes for it to resume (tough one for me to sit still) or (like I normally do) leave the area and start another project while waiting for the full choir musical performance to resume.  Sometimes I forget about the recorder while preoccupied with the other projects started until later that day/night or the next, when I recall the recording attempt …… ”wonder if I caught the families of coyotes howling back and forth last night?”, or, “those screech Owls made a ruckus in the Lelands”, or, “Who knew Tarantulas had a whisper mode type communication if disturbed with an unscheduled interview?  (lol – yeah, complete BS there – just checking to see if you were still paying attention.)


Speaking of interviews, there are just so many interesting and very important subjects to cover and record with my good ‘ol Ollie……

<ABOVE> Initially these ladies were extremely reluctant to comment on recent unconfirmed reports of growing tension between Canine and Hen factions in the area.   Although all agreed potential for further conflict was a constant fear producing variable they also expressed relief that the cyclical nature of past retaliation between the groups appears to have declined.    Ms. Lucy (left) stated, “although we have enjoyed a relatively violence free canine/hen co-existence for some time now the environment can change quickly as it is rife with opportunities for unwanted contact and thus conflict”.    “It’s always present (the risk of violence) and very,very scary – but we just learn to live with it while trying to stay aware of our surroundings”  quipped one of the Hens wishing to remain anonymous.   Noting that any physical confrontation at this point would be a major set back to the fragile peace process in the region the ladies referenced the canine standing a short distance away (as can be seen in this interview still image) apparently quietly observing this spontaneous interview.  “Look at that behind us! Just look at that!  Maybe you can not appreciate this fact but that is not just a simple case of eavesdropping or curiosity- it is subtle intimidation by our oppressor”   With the others nodding in agreement Lucy reiterated,  “We just have to be very aware of our surroundings – yes, awareness is the key to survival”.     The canine refused comment at this time reserving the option to respond later.    


Ahh yes so many very important uses for my recorder to document other than LDPCSD Meetings.    🙂

Yes indeed, poor ‘Ol Ollie has had its share of abandonment issues through the years [when artificial intelligence eventually reigns such accidental abandonment by a human will be met with severe fines and/or incarceration for “unexcused E-neglect”] but I always eventually remember its location (unlike my still  AWOL digital watch of which there is little doubt when I purchase a replacement I’ll locate the old one rather quickly) and ultimately retrieve the thing but Monday’s recorder retrieval from the Board Room was different.

It still seems a bit strange, at least from the perspective of demonstrating respect for another person’s personal property while simultaneously excluding potential concerns or accusations of wrongful trespass through personal “digital information”, that the owner was not more involved with the resolution – but I digress.  (Besides nobody was asked about re-configuring our SURFACE WATER TREATMENT PLANT for special interests.)

After deciding not to tape it to my tripod again I decided the pen/eraser tray of a dry board within arm’s reach to my left was the best place.  Just on the other side of my two camera tripods and within view.  The meeting starts and proceeds straight through to the end without a break.  Upon conclusion, I was trying to hurry up and get out since a CLOSED SESSION MEETING was to follow and with another huge crowd of three customers at the meeting I didn’t want to risk getting trampled in the stampede to get out.  (Should I always identify with “lol” to avoid possible misunderstandings?-lol)

So I’m disconnecting the cameras, collapsing the legs to the two tripods, collecting paperwork, glasses, highlighter, pen, etc. cradling it all in my arms and walking out to the parking lot.  Spoke with a couple of people there for awhile (Closed Session had not started yet and board room  door was wide open) and then headed home.  (Did I mention it was in plain sight on the dry board tray?— Perhaps I should tie a bright colored balloon to it next time to remind myself?)

Once home I started unloading the stuff to bring into the house because I must start the download process for the two cameras and the digital recorder in preparation for work on the next video meeting report.  (Those video clips take quite awhile to download, but first the batteries must be recharged.)

You see, I use that complete audio recording of the meeting (from the Olympus digital recorder so callously left behind to fend for itself in enemy territory) as a chronological base line for placement of the video clips because with two cameras producing all those short video files it gets confusing as far as which is which and where they should be placed in the video report.  This is especially true when files are renamed (supposedly for convenience) to assist in quickly identifying them for what they contain.  So instead of a normal file name like “20170515_02.MOV” I’ll name it: “Barton USDA money problems”, “Lew MIDPOU and Maps”, “Victor fire hydrants”, or “Kampa misrepresents the truth”  [note: Where multiple repetitions of the same file description occur, they are followed with other identifying markers, such as:  “Kampa misrepresents truth_157”  , “Kampa refuses to answer_1369” (lol).

But if renamed it is sometimes difficult to know exactly when in the meeting that particular clip occurred for correct placement.  (Did Kampa stretch the truth right after Barton’s comment or before my ranting about the maps?)   Sure, using file properties can identify time/date if absolutely necessary but that just creates more steps and added processing time for each of the video clips.

As I’ve said before I’m  still learning but the easiest way thus far is to start every meeting report by downloading the complete meeting audio from “Ollie” and “hiding it” when not used at the bottom of the video editing file.  (Remember a while back I failed to remove that audio track and ended up with a multi- GB video file that took many hours to upload?  That was due to Ollie’s 3-4 hour “hidden” audio track and not an 8 minute video!  lol)  If while editing I lose my place in the meeting time line and do not know where a particular video clip should be placed, I drop down to the audio track and compare against the audio at the start of the video clip.  PRESTO!  I know right where it goes and just take them one at a time.  Of course I also use portions of the audio tape as “fill” between video clips in order to complete comments or the discussion at hand.  (Those old camera batteries only last so long.)

ANYWAY, I’m home unloading the pickup while promising myself I will spend some time with the dog and not jump right into a meeting report (she’s been waiting all that time for me to get back from the meeting just to watch me sit at the computer desk for many more hours? – Absolutely not!  Need some quality dog time!)  So I figured I would start battery recharging and downloading but stay outside and start some other outdoor activities including canine play time.    OK, good plan.

So I’m collecting all this stuff from the truck and it hits me…..where’s Ollie?  Interesting how such a realization can quite quickly escalate into absolute panic.   I started the search by trying to reassure myself – which was totally ineffective ….

“Calm down – you probably instinctively picked it up and simply forgot about it…. check your shirt pocket…..”

“Oh crap!  It’s not there”

“Lew.  Slow down – check the other one….”

“OH NO!  no no no…  It’s not there either……”

“Stop it, calm down… check all the pockets in your jeans….. “

(Frantically patting myself down and searching the same pockets multiple times)   “Oh shit!  CRAP!  SHIT!   ….it’s not there either!”

“HEY LEW! Slow it down and think – getting upset is not going to help —-  check the console – you always dump stuff in  there.

““NO NO NO NO NO……don’t you *&^%$#@ understand?  It’s not there either — it’s not here!  I don’t have it!

“Check between the seats and on the sides, perhaps it may have slipped between the seats or  …..”

“SHIT SHIT SHIT!  It’s not there either you stupid SOB!  Dear Lord I forgot it – must still be on the dry board tray – and it’s still recording and the board is in closed session!  Shit! Shit!  Shit!”

So I throw stuff back in the truck, quickly close all the opened doors and fly out of the driveway in route back to the CSD with a running narrative of the event playing in my head while calling myself every derogatory name in the book.  (That intro-punitive stuff again.)  And what do I hear behind me fading away as I start down the hill?  My poor dog whining and crying [Translation guess]  “HEY DUMB ASS!  YOU FORGOT TO LET ME OUT!  YOU JUST GOT HERE….WHERE ARE YOU GOING?”  [Not sure, but there may have been a threat of anonymous contact with the ASPCA as well]

Fortunately no contact with law enforcement on the way (may have exceeded the speed limit a bit…) – arrive at the CSD – director vehicles were still in the parking lot — good good good….they are still here!

Knock on the boardroom door and when answered by Director Sult I say something to the affect THERE IS A BIG PROBLEM – I LEFT MY RECORDER IN THE BOARD ROOM!  I don’t think anyone realized at first what I was saying (believing I should just pick it up, shut up, and leave) so I loudly and clearly said …it’ still running — it’s recording now!

I picked up the recorder, turned it off, and offered to stay behind until directors were able to listen with me for the end of the regular board meeting at which time the rest of that file could be destroyed.  (I figured with the board members/GM right there watching and listening up to the end of the meeting, the recorder could be activated to record and left somewhere to overwrite whatever closed session material may have been recorded.)  Director Sult thanked me for returning, advising the board and being honest about the recorder still running.  He advised the board would take care of the matter and the recorder returned to me later, which it was.

Unfortunately, rather than recording over anything that may have been objectionable regarding the closed session I was advised the board  had erased the entire 3-1/2 +/- regular meeting along with whatever may have followed.  OK, certainly the most expeditious but it still  surprised me.  I do not know how this was done, who or how many were involved in the deletion of that file, or if other private recordings on the recorder were listened to in locating he offending file.  (Surely no one would copy anything for later review.)  Although I was not allowed to be present as originally suggested, I would certainly hope anything done with my recorder was done in the presence of the entire board of directors and GM.  Personally, had I been on that board and could have influenced the decision – whatever was decided to be done would have been done in front of the owner of the recorder especially since other personal information NEVER INTENDED FOR REVIEW BY OTHERS was also on that recorder.  Do you know what I mean? Kind of like an insurance policy against the possibility of some objecting owner later saying extremely important information had been accidentally/intentionally destroyed, reviewed or copied?

Either that or make another separate recording of the entire “file deletion process” documenting no trespass was intentionally committed through information which was unrelated to the meeting recording.  I honestly do not know what was on that recorder as I do not have a consistent plan for clearing the recorder of old files.  Obviously I have deleted many files through the years for necessary space to continue creating new ones, but what was on there at the time?  Anybody’s guess.

So who knows what was possibly heard, deleted, or copied without my knowledge or approval?   I use that recorder for all sorts of non related CSD stuff also and what the board did, and the way they did it, leaves me with the same feeling as if someone had rifled through my desk drawers or computer files outside my presence.

YES! Absolutely correct – it was my fault for leaving the darn thing there, but that is not what I am trying to express right now – Was there legitimate respect demonstrated for another person’s personal property?  Could there have been some kind of “SNEAKY PETE SNEAK PEEK?”  lol  Take it a step further back too – if PETE KAMPA had not done, (and continues to do) that which he does so well (being dishonest about his activities and goals) I wouldn’t be attending these embarrassing bullshit meetings in the first place – much less wasting all this time recording and reporting on exactly what he is – someone who cheats to get what he wants while exploiting an unorganized disadvantaged community with near 40 years of turmoil over water service.  And to top it off, Kampa was directly involved and participated in that mess 20 years ago which only made matters worse.  And now, like a “bad penny” he turns up again to push for expansion.

I don’t suppose any of you recall how Mr. “Sneaky Pete” Kampa was actually appointed to the GM position and started re-configuring our surface water treatment plant?  You see, back in September of 2014…………..

(naw, just joshing with ya.)

On Tuesday May 16th, 2017,(day after the board meeting) I drove to the office and filled out the LDPCSD form requesting a copy of the May 15th, Board Meeting audio CD.  Don’t know when or how much it will cost.  Received the CD at no cost this afternoon – Thursday, May 18th, 2017!  Yes, I do have video clips with audio but (as stated) without that basic audio track the process would have been much more difficult.  Whatever.  Maybe we’ll just “bounce around the meeting” this time?  You know, something like “THE BEST OF SNEAKY PETE?” “SMASH HITS of Kampa Krapa 2014-2017?”  “SNEAKY PETE, THEN AND NOW”,  etc.  lol

Life in the People’s Republic of Lake Don Pedro?

Perhaps a simple and clear warning manual should be developed?


clear as mud eh?  lol


My best to you and yours, Lew

PS:  Live and learn.  Perhaps a piece of “low tech” colorful yarn attached to the recorder is a good idea after all, eh?  Later.

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