EFFLUENT METER PROGRESS REPORT – just another lump of coal for MR WEC’s Christmas socking

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Seems I often wake in the morning thinking about things that simply do not make sense concerning the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District [LDPCSD] (essentially, the local public water company whose water source was planned and intended to be water license 11395 which lists the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision as the Place of Use (POU) [CPUC transferred Sierra Highlands Water Company facility and assets to the LDPCSD in Jan 1981] for Merced River water pumped from Lake McClure).  This probably explains the “tossing and turning” at night sometimes too – you know, with the resulting waking up in the morning talking to yourself out loud! lol

Anyway, this morning I was confusing my dog by thinking out loud how the directors and GM make such a production of their stated sincere efforts to identify and control a massive water loss spanning decades (both treated water for human consumption and raw, straight from the source without treatment for such purposes as agricultural irrigation).   Now, you would think, any sincere effort to get that monster of a water loss under control –

(especially in a drought prone area during a state wide emergency drought when customers are already paying $53 a month before a single drop of water is used due to a Prop 218 to avoid bankruptcy almost ten years ago)

– would begin with the FIRST STEP (GM/Treasurer Pete Kampa acknowledged) of having water meters that work and are accurate.

I know.  Shocking information yeah?  I mean having water meters that work and are accurate for a public water company?

Need to take a break?  Relax a bit?  Yeah, me too!

Maybe grab an adult beverage or something?

OK, here we go…..having water meters that work and are accurate?   DUH!

Who would have ever thought such “liquid cash registers” in the form of water meters for billing purposes, should actually work and indicate accurate consumption?  Seems fairness to the customer is often over looked in favor of a company profit rationale, but hey, what has been fair about the LDPCSD concerning MR WECs?  Anyway, thank Heavens for the professional management assistance our district board receives in identifying such an elusive problem and then immediately proceeding with a corrective action using grant funds.

“But that’s not the problem at all” I yawned just before 0500hrs this morning as my canine companion slowly turned, looked at me then exhaled a long and drawn out accepting breath that it was to be another inside day.  Just as well, cold, foggy, I’m still healing, besides, she did not know it at the time but today was also a bath day for her!  Evil sounding lol in background…..

Anyway, “But that’s not the problem at all”- the board and GM only talk about following up on this NO BRAINER of a plan to obtain working and accurate meters and track down the water loss.  OK, but when did the GM state they were going to be replaced?  Couldn’t recall so I started looking – hum, April 18, 2016.

So now I can write affirmatively that it has been 2 years and 8 months of recognizing the problem but they still have not installed proper accurate meters necessary to track down this outrageous water loss MR WECs has paid for since the LDPCSD was formed by the County LAFCOs of Mariposa and Tuolumne in August 1980!

The Board and GM since October 2014 have been too busy attempting to divert even more water outside the subdivision to Kampa’s LAFCO ANNEXATIONS from 20 years ago and have made it quite clear – if they can’t expand service with a “fake POU map scam” (to serve Merced River water under WL11395) they will simply continue to force the thousands of  MR WECs of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision to subsidize an increased GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM (to circumvent WL11395 water restrictions of NO SERVICE OUTSIDE SUBDIVISION) to provide service to all TUOLUMNE and MARIPOSA COUNTY LAFCO ANNEXATIONS (including competing residential subdivisions adjacent to Lake Don Pedro), or as long as they own their Lake Don Pedro subdivision property!  (And you thought the LDPCSD Board and their special interest supporting GM had forgotten you for Christmas?)

Imagine, these LAFCo’s created the LDPCSD in a known high fire severity zone and drought prone region;

prior to LDPCSD formation in 1980, LAFCOs changed the service area boundaries of their creation to be much larger than they knew the CPUC was prepared to approve in the January 1981 transfer of facility and assets from the then Sierra Highlands Water Company to the newly formed Lake Don Pedro CSD;

later LAFCos “doubled down” on that water service area expansion by approving further questionable annexations into their LDPCSD water purveyor without good faith research or reasonable and prudent planning;  (ie, Mariposa’s detailed Sphere of Influence (SOI) study report without one word regarding the operating water license restrictions of no service outside subdivision?  Mariposa LAFCO Resolution 76-4 “will only consider such applications for annexation where it is shown that adequate water and sewer service are provided for in said application”.)

LAFCOs essentially forced the thousands of current and future property owners of the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision –


– to assume the financial responsibilities for an extremely expensive special benefit GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM TO CIRCUMVENT STATE WATER LICENSE DIVERSION AND USE RESTRICTIONS for their special interest LAFCo ANNEXATIONS into the LDPCSD;

– and for the MR WECs of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision to continue to subsidize an ever increasing GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM for all current and future LAFCO ANNEXATIONS (INCLUDING PROPOSED COMPETING RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISIONS ADJACENT TO WHERE THEIR WATER WAS UNETHICALLY OBTAINED FOR DEVELOPMENT) for as long as they own their Lake Don Pedro property.  Wow!  What a deal.

Fits right in with the MYSTERY of the original LDPCSD water service area map commissioned by Mariposa County LAFCO that has been missing in action since 1980 despite multiple requests for its production by other government entities and the public.   Yet, still no official, initial LAFCO map of the district they created.

(Ahhh, but I think “we” know why……it was all about what was hidden in the metes and bounds survey language (that means nothing to most people who are not trained as surveyors or engineers – or involved in the “LAFCO-LDPCSD MAP DECEPTION”) that greatly enlarged the LDPCSD’s service area certainly far beyond what the CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION WAS PREPARED TO, AND ACTUALLY,  APPROVED IN JANUARY 1981!  Ah oh, repeating myself, yeah?   Oh well.   (Heck, the LDPCSD was formed immediately after the State of California declared WL11395 to be fully appropriated and being put to maximum beneficial use per the State Constitution.

Yup, ink was barely dry from the State’s proclamation the water license was maxed out, when  Mariposa County LAFCO then secretly expanded the district substantially and such annexation expansion has not stopped – despite clear logic and instructions from the CPUC.   Yup, did you know the CPUC specifically excluded such annexations and water deals stating they should not become obligations of the TO BE FORMED LDPCSD?

I did huh?

Yet here is Kampa still attempting to maneuver a WIN through the system with the same worn out misrepresentations of fact and various falsehoods denied in the past.  Heck, the State has been through this exact same thing when back in 1977 the LDP SO GOSIP (Same Old Group of Special Interest People) tried to “plant” a “FAKE POU MAP” with the water board in hopes of ratifying what they were already doing…. serving Merced River water far outside the POU restrictions of WL11395 and planning to divert even more for other proposed residential subdivisions in the area.

Wow!  Imagine, LAFCO substantially increasing the local water demand while ordering the LDPCSD to provide water for annexed developments it could not legally provide under the state license.

Ahhhhh, THEN PART II OF THIS FRAUD AND EXPLOITATION.  GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PAIR FOR BY MR WECs!    MR WECs is then further exploited as a “mandatory customer of the LDPCSD” due to the CC&Rs (Covenants, Codes and Restrictions) of their CID (Common Interest Development), POA (Property Owners Association) called the Lake Don Pedro Owners Association (LDPCSD), that actually created the LDPCSD (Lake Don Pedro Community Services District) with an affirmative vote of only 88 people – financially victimizing thousands of property owners in the subdivision for perpetuity.

I did again, huh?  Sorry,  what about…..

And our Board and Kampa have un-apologetically arranged for MR WECs to further subsidize an extremely expensive groundwater replacement program for all LAFCO ANNEXATIONS into the district that cannot legally receive the intended Merced River water from the subdivision.  So, now, in addition to all the other added costs associated with these LAFCO ANNEXATIONS (many of which violate LAFCO’s own operating policies concerning annexations into a special district like the LDPCSD) MR WECs must now also pay for their groundwater substitution.

OK, OK…..but ….

how was that alternate source of water based on groundwater wells actually developed?    Through misappropriated grant funds designated for the drought relief of existing customers not providing further water service outside the POU!


But, what about this unethical groundwater substitution only circumvents clear Merced River water restrictions in WL11395?

Yes,OK, I repeat myself.  I’ll wrap it up.

I honestly do not understand how such activity could be anything but a continuing fraud (against the legitimate water users forced to pay much more for their CSD water than necessary to financially support private developers outside the subdivision who do not want to drill and be financially responsible for their own groundwater wells) and conspiracy to violate the law, with emphasis on the state restrictions regarding legal water diversions and use, but I’m just a MR WECs and powerless to stop this insanity but I sure as hell can express my disgust and hope someone or something out there does have the authority and power!   BRING IT ON!


My best to you and yours, Lew

My best to you and yours, Lew

My best to you lol



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