FINANCING and PUBLIC COMMENT – The last of 2016 Meeting Reports

FINANCING:  Have no fear… are going to be hearing plenty about Financing regarding KAMPA’s 14 Million Dollars in proposed District projects for many years to come.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Just like with KAMPA’S MAPPING PROJECT, a simple concept is perverted into a different argument to achieve the desired goal, and in this case that goal was to prevent any documented public comment.

Rather than following the established District Policy on Public Comment reporting for Meeting Minutes , the LDPCSD, following Pete Kampa and the California Special District Association (CSDA) policy suggestion (an organization in which Kampa has served multiple times and consults regularly for advice) decided to abolish public comment reporting all together.

Not like this decision made a big difference anyway since the District had been violating its existing policy for over a year anyway.  Although verbatim transcription was never the issue (as suggested in the policy change supporting material) but rather only a brief summary description, the Board never-the-less voted unanimously to prohibit all documentation of public comment in the minutes by  Directors and/or customers.    Actually kind of funny since Board Members have never lacked an adequate opportunity to voice (and have documented) their opinions regarding district  matters but only the few customers who regularly attended meetings and chose to make a public statement—that magically evaporated as soon as the words left their mouths.

Without normal newspaper coverage of meetings (like other Districts) Lake Don Pedro customers are effectively denied the opportunity to hear contrary or challenging opinions by their fellow neighboring customers.  No doubt just the way the district would prefer the situation – nice and quiet without documentation of any controversial comments.  I can certainly understand this policy change considering some of the outrageous things that have been intentionally misrepresented recently by our district management to other government agencies.  Geez, why put that in writing for other customers to see, appreciate or maybe even comment themselves?  Worse yet…..ask questions.

Just imagine, without the comments made in past meetings long ago none of us would have learned the truth about this district and the decades of apparent fraud (that fabricated CPUC document and lost official service area map regarding outside Place of Use restrictions under the water license and the special benefit water service for land developers paid for by the 99% of the legal customers in the subdivision) –  but then again, what difference has it actually made?  We are still going to pay for that deception.

Judging by the routine lack of meeting attendance no one appears concerned anway, that is at least until their rates jump dramatically and it will be too late.

Perhaps District management should indeed be allowed to just do what it wants and run its course without ANY public opposition?  Give them enough rope to hang themselves?  They will obviously continue to do what they want anyway and if they happen to violate another policy they’ll just change it to conform to the activity.   Again, what difference does it make?  Corruption is all around us.  What can anyone do about it other than vote every once in a while when provided the opportunity?

This is something I need to seriously consider for 2017 because my own personal work regarding my house and property seems to always pile up and I’m not getting any younger so the work correspondingly gets more difficult.   (Sure am glad I “major pruned” my Pines years ago.)  There just isn’t enough time to get everything done and overall time is getting shorter with each passing day. <sigh>  Oh well, guess I’ll just have to address that next year (in less than 10 minutes), but until then, I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year and as always –

my best to you and yours, Lew.


Here is the last of the video for the December 19th, 2016 Meeting….Alright!  Finished before midnight!  later.

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