The friendly POT BELLIED PIG that left home during the storm the other night has been returned home thanks to a number of folks.  “Angel” initially posted the information on Facebook which ultimately alerted another neighbor (Anita? sorry no pen/paper when she called this morning – sorry) who knew PO PO’s owner.   Then my neighbors Mark & Marilyn, who were originally “discovered by PO PO”, saved the day (along with the assistance of their family members and the owner) when PO PO simply refused to get in the pickup bed via a wood ramp despite the various treats offered as reward for cooperation.  Ever hear the term “Pig Headed?” LOL!   (Actually PO PO’s stubborn resistance was marked by the only time I saw him just “sit down” since yesterday afternoon!)   Mark used his utility trailer which was perfect.  Not only did it have a built in low profile ramp and was spacious – but it was sealed so it was dark and not as frightening for the slow ride home with tail wagging much of the way.  (Probably only a couple of miles by roadway – of course PO PO probably went cross country through the Natural Park on his journey of exploration.  Funny thing is yesterday the owner, Mark and I – all in separate vehicles probably passed each other around the same time – owners looking for PO PO, with us looking for PO PO’s owner.)

Fairly uneventful night thanks to a telephone call from “Stacy” the Mariposa County Animal Control Officer.   She took the time to call after hours with some care information and Pot Bellied Pig do’s and don’ts.  Quite appreciated since unable to research the matter while trying to keep PO PO off a fairly busy roadway where numerous animals have been hit by vehicles and watching to insure he did not eat something dangerous.  After receiving Stacy’s telephone call I was much more comfortable with the idea of securing PO PO (who I was calling “October” – real imaginative huh?) inside the fence to avoid a possible introduction to a “crash course” in NIGHT TIME MOTOR VEHICLE TRAFFIC – SWINE 101.

Just as Stacy advised, PO PO made several methodical checks around his new environment late into the evening until finally settling down for the night where straw and a blanket served as a bed while designating his area with the placement of food and water.  Fortunately I had generally acceptable food for the unexpected Friday Night Pig Out: an apple, dog food & biscuits, flour tortillas, cereal, a few potato chips, fruit cocktail, and chicken and livestock feed were offered and consumed.  (When PO PO received a dog biscuit he wagged his tail just like a dog!)

I had a couple of beers while guarding against PO PO’s penchant for playful “from behind nips” which were (to be honest) kind of scary after seeing all those teeth during one of  those big “pig yawns”!  Or when attempting to place a rope around that large area of  “non-neck” on a Pig!  Yes, lol, but seriously at the same time.  Instead of the normal pattern of a head, neck, and back with many animals ….with a Pig,  it is only “head-back” no real “neck” of which to speak.  (Humm, cartoon series of a notorious cattle rustling gang of Pig cowboys who couldn’t be hanged by the sheriff or marshal because they had no necks?   The unsolved murder/disappearance of a traveling necktie salesman who didn’t realize the door he knocked on was to be answered by a neckless Pig on a drunken wine binge because he couldn’t wear fancy colorful ties?  Or maybe….. ok, I’ll quit.)

But remember that movie with the human eating hogs? Was it Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal? Where they fed the bound victim to musically conditioned hogs in an arena?  YIKES!  When PO PO yawned I could almost see those movie trailers playing in the back of that echoing cavern.

Nope.  It was settled with that yawn – PO PO would not be sleeping on the bed with Liz no matter how well he promised to behave!




Actually another neighbor had just sold his house and was leaving saying “either here or the dump! “

PO PO insisted we keep it.

<And NO!  I did not allow PO PO to consume any!>

Fantastic learning experience for all of us – including Liz who confirmed that PO PO was definitely sociable but could also move quite quickly if the subject of a bit too much canine sniffing!  lol  Picked up some video and stereo recordings of PO PO eating, snorting, and meandering around the place which might end up in some kind of audio/video production.  But of what?  Hum,  piggish behavior?…..Guess I’ll just have to mull that over for a bit, but am sure it will turn out just swine.

My best to you and yours, Lew





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