“HEAD UP ASS”ertions

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Whoa – this year’s “flu experience” hit quite hard despite the annual routine of a peremptory vaccination.  Whether due to the particular strain I picked up during the last grocery shopping excursion or my advancing age (perhaps a double whammy of both these critical variables), it was not only unpleasant but painful.  The typical muscle aches and shooting pains up and down limbs were augmented with old surgical hernia repair pain due to the chronic coughing.  Don’t recall the hugging of pillows so much in past flu episodes.

Fortunately the Good Lord blessed me with a close friend who simply ignored my stupid semi-hermit motivated assertions of self sufficiency and ability to care for myself.  You know what I mean – that desire (however misplaced at the time) of not wanting to inconvenience others or subject them to potential risk because of our own immediate discomfort or need?

“Naw, thank you very much – I do sincerely appreciate your offer but I’ll be fine – just need some down time for it to run its natural course, but thank you very much just the same.”    

Yup, those confident words of self sufficiency could have been my last without intervention.  The next telephone call did not contain generous offers of assistance but rather straight forward instructions for me to follow:

“Don’t argue – I’m already in route, bundle up – I’ll meet you at the gate in 15 minutes – no visiting, just a “care package” drop and run.” 

And what a wonderful and needed “care package” it was!   Don’t know about the rest of you but without a NiQuil type product as a primary home remedy it is extremely difficult for me to get that necessary rest to recover.    NiQuil, DayQuil, vapor rub, miscellaneous food items….

Leanne, thank you SO MUCH for not listening to my “head up ass”ertions of not needing any help!

I can smell and taste again! 

Poor viewers…..recovery is on its way!


My best to you and yours, Lew

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