I have my doubts because I truly believe that in any fairly constructed debate President Donald Trump will eat Joe Biden alive and that is something Democrats certainly do not want America to witness any more than they already have.  

Humm, perhaps the question should be rephrased?

How many believe a legitimate Presidential debate will actually take place?

Unfortunately, not much imagination is required to envision a debate corrupted with the further typical Democrat nonsense that has harmed Our Country for such a very long time.   Follow me?  A debate that gets hi-jacked with a bunch of ridiculous last minute rules carefully calculated to benefit a shaky “Quid Pro Joe” while simultaneously hamstringing the continuing success of a confident President Trump.

Imagine…..President Trump is obviously mopping the debate floor with “Burisma Joe” through a bombardment of facts and examples as to “China Joe’s” collusion with America’s adversaries and the continuing betrayal of all American Citizens, when suddenly the former VP gathers a thought that has been defensively drilled into what grey matter he still commands by his handlers.  Biden is quite excited with his wide eyed apparent “brainstorm” evidenced by his typical (and often inappropriate) increased volume of speech while ranting.  While waving his arms like a wind battered scarecrow he stammers out the equivalent of a bell signaling the end of a boxing round with a frantic desperate cry of  


whereupon his scripted entourage of Leftist gamers point the “debate” in an entirely different direction.

The President’s successful verbal barrage of truth is immediately stopped thus breaking the momentum  which was clearly signaling the approaching end of a very short contest.   The bruised and battered Democrat excuse for a legitimate challenger wearily zig zags a meandering path back to the darkened corner where leftist supporters undeservingly praise him for his pathetic display while simultaneously attempting to fill his confused brain with easy to recall one liner attack quips.  Yup, quick and Joe-easy to remember one liners that again reveal Hide’n Biden’s entire campaign – attack the President personally while ignoring the fact President Donald Trump has done, is doing, and will do, more for the United States of America and her citizens than a Sleepy Joe Biden could ever dream of in his rapidly deteriorating brain.

Frustratingly triumphant, President Trump heads for his well lighted corner packed with supporters of every description to simply wait until the GO JOE support team deems China Joe recovered enough to reengage his eager opponent.  This process happens again, and again.   Joe is getting intellectually beat up so the fight is temporarily suspended to allow him to rest and prepare for his next downfall while President Trump’s exquisite performance is systematically interrupted again and again to prevent a decisive knockout blow for all America (and the entire world) to witness and appreciate.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS:   Oh yeah…. another element to this parody:   elder abuse charges were ultimately brought and successfully prosecuted against members of the GO JOE SUPPORT TEAM for intentionally placing an incompetent has-been of an elder in a fight ring.   

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