Another LAME Presentation containing an unrelated example of trickery and play with words utilizing a “spontaneous verse” recorded very quickly without much thought.  (Later I added an audible “drumstick introduction marker” for this experimental “Uncle Lewie” layered self sing along.   Can you correctly answer the question regarding this LAME recording?  Intrigued?)

Yup, just a little playful demonstration of how some easily observable facts about a situation can be used to intentionally confuse an issue, misrepresent the actual facts of the matter and encourage reliance on that information.  Unfortunately, this formula is often utilized to the detriment of others – in whatever form of loss, injury or damage, financial, emotional, legal, etc…

The other night I found that file on the recorder and wondered what the heck it was – forgot all about it but when I listened to it couldn’t help but laugh as I vividly recalled the very early morning circumstances.

Strange, I knew the nanosecond that tune and words were exiting my mouth if I didn’t record it right then I would never remember it correctly and for once the recorder was conveniently in sight on the bathroom counter.  Perfect!  Right on the way to the throne! I wanted to use the verse in some fashion …but didn’t know for what exactly at the time but later thought about this sing along verse repeated in layered parts like in “Row Row Your Boat”.

(Hey – I’m serious about the forgetting stuff.  Haven’t you ever thought about something and said to yourself – “quick!  Write it down so you don’t forget!”  But by the time you find a writing instrument and paper – POOF!  The thought, idea, memory, whatever IS GONE!

There you stand with pen in hand

Without a word to relay,

“Darn it all I seriously wonder

Will I ever be ready some day?”


That run to the throne

Was my “ready one day”

Thanks to handy recorder

There’s now a “verse test” to take!


(Perfect example! I would have never remembered the above developing rhyme but fingers were already on the keyboard!)


Yes, for some reason sure reminds me how unrelated open acreage properties in an Assessor Parcel Map overlay might  appear to blend perfectly with an establish fifty year old Common Interest Development in the form of a Property Owners Association residential subdivision, regulated under the  DAVIS-STIRLING ACT found in the California Civil Code, and governed by a Board of Directors with annual assessments, violation committees, and property development controlled through CC&Rs (Covenants, Codes and Restrictions) that run with property title in the over 3,000 subdivision lots.  Point being – just because something may at first blush appear to be the same and perhaps look like it belongs – that does not in itself  equate to being legally identical in substance or having the same obligations, responsibilities, and/or entitlements.

Do professional Cons in dark allies near casinos, bus stations, airports, etc., really sell solid gold watches at a fraction of their APPARENT WORTH to “Marks”?

(“Marks” – those targeted as scam victims – generally using some phony baloney sob story of hardship which is forcing the Con to part with the extremely valuable object for very little money due to emergency…….  A story which assists the “Mark” into actually believing they are “in a way” helping the Con although their inner voice is screaming not to get involved – but is there a bit of “larceny of the heart”going on there too?  They (ultimate victim) know better – “but what a deal!” – Ahhhh, but you can’t cheat an honest person…  If the Mark was exchanging very little money for something believed to be much more valuable – but due to the Con’s professed desire and need for quick cash (bus fare, airplane ticket, taxi to hospital where partner was giving birth to an alien life form from another planet, whatever…. was there also a bit of dishonesty involved with the Mark as well by “taking advantage” of the Con’s emergency circumstances in needing fast cash?)

Or do Cons use fancy looking, cheap fake, “knockoffs” as the item of interest for the “Mark” ?

When such activities are intentionally orchestrated by two or more people to induce action, or inaction, by others (especially large groups of people) to their detriment – perhaps a crime is also being committed?

Well, I never seem to learn a final lesson with Jalapenos.  What am I eating right now?  Pizza topped with sliced Jalapenos.  Good Heavens.  Better leave the recorder on the bathroom counter tonight.

My best to you and yours, Lew


PS:  Raining last night and couldn’t see a thing for the special Lunar Eclipse/Super Moon/Blood Moon/Wolf Moon/Lew’s Lounge Moon (I made the last one up – lol), yep, couldn’t see a frigg’n thing…..  but tonight?

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