Don’t panic yet,- it is just another LAME PROJECT (lol)

However, do you believe a mutated, seriously destructive political infestation is threatening OUR United States of America, HER Constitution, and ALL HER wonderfully diverse freedom loving legal citizens? (Including those who support a political party they believe still represents their AMERICAN VALUES despite the fact it has been hi-jacked by the radical socialist left – which is dedicated to destroying America and HER system of law and justice? Do you believe this organization possesses sufficient influence to control what information some of the top news organizations are “permitted” to provide the public?) I am afraid I do.

Might I suggest OANN (One America News Network), often just OAN or One America News? Truly refreshing to hear the “good and bad” presented in a respectful way. Check it out.

Anyway, late May rain. Wow. Thunder storms and everything. Picked up some good storm video I’ll use sometime. Lots of water! Seems much of what I filled in from the last storm has all washed downhill again. Perpetual cycle. Yup, stuck inside the house for a while so you folks must now suffer the consequences (rather than the weeds, which of course will all be growing back)! (Diabolical laughter) No worries, only 5 minutes or so.

My best to you and yours, Lew
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