J4 June 19th, 2017 Lake Don Pedro CSD Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

J4-  I don’t know but some days it feels like this is all just a big waste of time and energy.  Of course there have been other times when I believe it is anything but a waste of time and energy.  Back and forth, just like everything else in life, eh?

Don’t particularly care to say it again but feel it worthy – I honestly believe many of the comments between certain board members and the GM were orchestrated in advance to achieve a goal.   OH MY!  Surely that couldn’t even be possible, right?   lol

I’ve said it before, handing out important information the day of a NOTICED MEETING that is not contained in that meeting’s agenda or packet just doesn’t seem right.

Do you think Kampa realized he needed the directors to acknowledge in a legal document that they were fully informed prior to their vote?   Remember a couple of months ago when it was revealed that GM Kampa wasn’t preparing, signing and presenting to the board and public a statement of financial status responsibility required by the State?  Remember that?  In the agenda packet a blank form certifying that “everything was ok concerning financial matters” for a certain period of time in the future?  Every 90 days right?  So quarterly Kampa was supposed to be furnishing the Board of Directors with this “YES – WE HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR THE NEXT 90 DAYS”, signed form because GM Kampa is also the Board Treasurer. I believe this should have been done since he was “appointed” as GM in 2014.

What would acknowledgement of that “budget process resolution” mean if say hypothetically, upon inspection of the financial record of the LDPCSD it indicated the district was not solvent but continued financial business as usual?

Did this resolution have something to do with that quarterly financial certification that should be presented to a board that is approving budgets, expenditures, multi-million dollar public grants and projects funded with those grants, etc?

Strange how Director Emery Ross (primary player in Kampa’s return to our district just as we passed the Million dollar savings mark after near bankruptcy) has been absent for a number of such important financial meetings?  Who knows?  I sure don’t.

 I do know I wouldn’t agree to having knowledge of the district’s actual finances unless I were absolutely positive it was indeed healthy and operating legally. 

But if documents were not furnished me proving this solvency as required I would be extremely apprehensive.   

But what could those directors do since Kampa had not been providing such required financial solvency statements?

Again, I don’t know, however, if I were one of those directors I would have had the LDPCSD attorney draft a legally binding statement for Pete Kampa to sign stating the district had always met the requirements of those quarterly solvency statements ever since he was appointed GM and Board Treasurer.


I just think I would sleep better.


My best to you and yours, Lew

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