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Continuing on the agenda…some very revealing comments by Kampa I thought regarding the “emergency groundwater well project” and grant funding changes which evidently involved over $250,000 re-designated to lateral service line replacement rather than his groundwater substitution program for outside MID-POU land developers.

Wow!  Finally some solid evidence “the legitimate authorities” have recognized the situation and have “encouraged” correction?

Fantastic!  Money going to where it should have in the first place – repairing/replacing failing primary infrastructure!  Now all we need for our nonprofit public agency CSD is a GM to honestly represent this District who is not simultaneously running his own for-profit management company and other public agencies!

Wonder how that suggestion of putting a 1/4 million dollars back into neglected infrastructure was actually made?  Imagine that for a moment……legitimate authorities (not those covering for a well known celebrity in the state water industry) taking an interest in decades of corruption complete with the years of unanswered complaints?

In the mood for a little “Twilight Zone” type stuff?  A little experiment? shall we?……..




                                                                     You there?  Great!

By chance are you a California government official or other influential individual/agency/entity etc., checking out this site for my seemingly endless ad nauseam comments about the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District (LDPCSD)?  

It’s 35+ years of turmoil over the use of Merced River water stored in Lake McClure and used under water license 11395, both held by the Merced Irrigation District of Merced California? 

Do you have jurisdiction, authority or some sort of extreme influence over the operation of the LDPCSD?

Perhaps even law enforcement power? 

Understand special interest corruption has been a major issue for decades with this PUBLIC AGENCY  – possibly even responsible for the February 2012 arson of our Administration Building and records?

Do you recognize and/or care that thousands of innocent property owning citizens of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision have been exploited for decades and essentially forced to financially support private speculative land development special interests to increase their property values and ultimate wealth? 

Want to help?

Well, here’s the Twilight Zone concept….


(Actually, I already believe you exist and recognize you are often forced to remain silent and cannot act due to your current political work environment but I believe that will change soon.  Regardless, I have already noticed your handiwork (as disguised as it may have been by others) and am very appreciative.  I am sure other viewers are also cognizant of, and appreciate, your continued involvement.  This little TWILIGHT ZONE EXPERIMENT request is for those unbelieving viewers.)


  1. Require the LDPCSD to post the official MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE (MID-POU) MAP for WATER LICENSE 11395 on the LDPCSD website, ……or
  2. Require the LDPCSD to make Board Meeting audio recordings available on the website 

Now back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress

Finally….time for you know what!   MBTYAY, L

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