Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
February 16, 2021

LDPCSD Board President Dan Hankemeier opened the meeting at 1PM and started to perform the Pledge of Allegiance until Board Secretary Syndie Marchiello asked for the attendance report for the record. All directors present except Johnson apparently. You’ll have to listen for yourself – an attempt at humor?

After pledge the Secretary reminded the president about the public comment portion – and then explained to the unknown speaker (who was apparently still trying to sell some solar system to the district) that public comment was not a question answer period. GM began asking questions…. the “unknown” self-identified “expert” explained there were ways to accomplish what he was suggesting the district purchase…..yet apparently GM had received some contradictory information that there were regulations prohibiting the suggested process. Very cryptic information.
(What do you folks think?)

This solar contractor referenced utilizing a “map” and I almost shot Mtn Dew out my nostrils! lol WHICH FRIGG’N MAP OF THE DISTRICT ? Rather peculiar matter on the agenda actually.

No report by presiding officer, who then made a comment regarding the GM’s past review process.
Director Warren suggested changes to the review process – in a future agenda item.
GM McGOWAN REPORT: Intake working great, currently considering the possibility of drought and making preparations. Finishing touches on the barge taking place. USDA information and CAL OES. The later a denied request for backup power generators – too many applicants for the funds. (Office of Emergency Services – I believe) All district groundwater wells are producing but the flow meter on Ranchito Well #2 failed due to getting wet – apparently a design flaw with the sub ground vault. (Production not being recorded) Tank cleanings – hydrants being repaired, raised, and painted. Discover more work to be done when faulty equipment and valves are identified.

Meter audit…..not yet. Site inspections proceeding. Need to replace flow meters to obtain ACCURATE METER READS OF WATER. Still not completely done. Financial audit report next month. Two hour administrative inquiry meeting on March 10th scheduled with the Mariposa County Grand Jury. Only GM/Secretary will be required to attend. Just a traditional administrative review which is what they are supposed to do. Legal counsel stated it was something that should be done every year since there are so few governmental agencies in this area. More to report later after meeting.

District received $6,200 in a settlement for a damaged hydrant. President asked where? Panchito…? GM unsure of similar street names. Comments about roads in the area. GM discussed the 13,000 acre feet of water during the one storm that was released. (Approximately 6 inches of rainfall)
Water audit: 13.5% system loss – well within acceptable loss. GM states he believes the past loss was due to spreadsheet errors (?) Water in pipe was not being deducted, or system flushing (?)…..little things added up…… leaks are being fixed…..the new valve certainly stopped pumped water from trickling back into the lake..

Director Ross commented on the Grand Jury of the past…Ross suggested anyone speaking with the Grand Jury who is not sure of a particular fact, to just say you “don’t recall” because the Grand Jury asks questions for which they already have the answers. Ross went on about how one individual in the past was indicted and ultimately resigned. So if you don’t know the answer, say you don’t recall.

Consent agenda approval – Ross commented that it incorrectly stated Johnson had called the meeting open….. approved with correction.
Hankemeier expressed pleasure not seeing many large item costs.

CSDA nominations – seat A, GM McGowan running for the position. Used example of the OES denied grant…. GM said he needs to get out and attend the meetings… many by zoom.
Ross questioned if GM went to the meetings do we have the proper procedures for repayment or compensation….policies and such…. GM said there were line items in budget for such contingencies. Whether our district will pay for GM to attend meetings of another agency….Ross said it was not like a convention setting, but geared more to that specific agency. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT ASSOCIATION CSDA. GM read that the CSDA reimburses. Ross stated there were a lot of past scheduling conflicts with former GM/Treasurer Pete Kampa. Approved CSDA motion.

Proposition 218 rate study information: No meeting at the school was confirmed. NBS (company board is paying thousands of dollars to advise how to best raise our rates) advised all other rate studies are on hold due to COVID-19. GM continued to research and thought it best to wait until the COVID-19 issue subsides in a couple of months. Even using “streamline” (online apparently) was not recommended at this time.

Hankemeier said there were 400 vaccinations a week in Mariposa – 70+ year olds. Barge Renovation update: 2017 started…. multiple contractors/designers … $39,000 spent before any work was even done. Steel shortage influenced also. Many delays with good excuses. Request for additional funds for drought measures….maybe $30,000
$142,000 total so far spent. ($39,000 planning). Project was supposed to be $60,000.
Warren stated it was well invested money.
GM stated it was a unique situation hauling pipe on the water – definitely over budget, but not too bad considering all the change orders for safety issues. (Plus $11,000 for a motor.)
Discussion of typical work days and activities.
Water storage tanks: approximately 100 pages of reports. Sent to state with estimates of repair time. Gaskets on the hatch and mesh on the air vents – can be done in house. Alamo – 6′ of water at all times due to the altimeter functioning… replace ladder…. etc. state wants to see gaskets and mesh replaced. Generally good reports.
Directors commented on the past repairs needed and how much better the sites look now.
Cross talking…
Adjourned meeting, 19 after 2.

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